Legacy of Legends 

By: Stephen M. Moriyama, NetVU Vice Chairman of the Board 


On September 11, 2012, we conducted our monthly NetVU Board of Directors meeting.  Chairman Mark Stolly asked us to take a moment to reflect on September 11, 2001 and how it still impacts us.  Some of us knew people either in the Twin Towers or supported search and rescue efforts.  For others, this date is a reflection of how the human spirit of courage in the face of adversity inspires others to do more and give more of themselves.


Our association has its own legacy of legends.  Decades of men and women have made extraordinary efforts to share their passions and to make this industry a better place to live, work, and grow.


The NetVU Board of Directors, in the pursuit for continuous improvement, has moved the national awards selection to the Industry Relations Committee.  This year’s committee includes many of our own association legends, leaders, and advocates.  

We asked these simple questions:

  • How do we continue to honor those that have made our association and industry significantly better?  
  • Can we inspire others by sharing the stories and accomplishments of these award recipients?  

The board of directors unanimously approved a motion presented by NetVU Vice Chairman Stephen Moriyama to amend the names of three of our awards as follows:


Service Award in Memory of James M. Gibson

Leadership Award in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr.

Insurance Automation Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr.


Adding the description of the award before their namesakes highlights the spirit of their achievements.  Continuous recognition is not only given to these industry pioneers, but to the recipients who have been bestowed the honor of these awards, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Other NetVU awards include:


Chairman’s Award

 Automation Excellence Award 

 Quantum Award 

Education Memorial Award in Memory of Francis P. McDonnell 

Young Professional Financial Assistance 

Nominations are received from across the industry for the Automation Excellence and Quantum Awards.  Let's be sure to take a few moments to consider those around NetVU that stand out in Chapters, committees and the industry.  People inspire people every day with a class they presented, an NCOM post they shared, or support given in a committee.  Please take a moment to honor these people by nominating them for an award. 


Please visit the Awards page for a full description of each award.

We will never forget 9/11 and its impact on our world. On this 9/11, NetVU took time to ensure our own legacy of legends is never forgotten.


Young Insurance Professionals Financial Assistance

The Motorists Insurance Group is once again sponsoring a Young Insurance Professional to attend the upcoming NetVU Conference.  First-Time NetVU Conference attendees may now apply for financial assistance targeted to increase participation among young insurance professionals.  


The financial assistance package includes:


  • NetVU Conference Registration 
  • Hotel Accommodations at the Headquarters Hotel


The Young Insurance Professionals Financial Assistance has been established to assist young professionals in reaching a higher level of performance by participating in the conference and networking with their peers. It also helps agencies with the sometimes unaffordable professional development costs, and thereby contributes to their ability to provide continuing education to employees. By enhancing the knowledge of young professional agency employees, it enables them to contribute to their association, and the profession as a whole.


Click here for more information and to complete the application. 


Hurry - applications are due November 30 and the winner will be notified by January 1.



NetVU Industry Relations Committee Delivers Message to More Carriers

Continuing with NetVU’s vision of building on its strong carrier connections, the Industry Relations Committee recently visited with five key companies – Allied Insurance, EMC, Liberty Mutual Agency Corp, Plymouth Rock and Quincy. The goal of the meetings is to discuss the NetVU Industry Playbook, and industry priorities as it relates to business and technology issues, and trends each organization is experiencing.  


The meetings focused on industry facing challenges like Real Time implementation, use of Vertafore’s technology tools, and interacting with Vertafore agencies.  Other topics of discussion centered on the challenges confronting the growing need to address mobile access and effectiveness, small and mid-commercial quoting, tools for appetite management and how we can all work together as one to compete with direct writers.


One specific item that has been mentioned in almost every meeting was the ability to download claims.  We are happy to say this functionality will be available, downloading into TransactNOW in its initial phase, which is scheduled to be released first quarter of 2013.  We have also heard loud and clear, that more and more the majority of personal lines business is derived from comparative raters.


Representatives from NetVU and Vertafore senior staff joined the committee in visiting with executives from the companies. “The NetVU board of directors tasked the Industry Relations Committee with visiting 25 of the top 50 carriers by 2015.  By the end of 2012, we will have visited 18 carriers across the country,” said Committee Chair and Vice Chairman of the Board Stephen Moriyama, Hayward Tilton & Rolapp Insurance Associates Inc.


“These visits have opened the door to increased carrier communications which is leading to NetVU being ‘top of mind’ among our members’ key business partners. In our discussions, many carriers have voiced a commitment to improving password management and data security, among other issues,” stated Moriyama


Our primary focus in these meetings is to represent NetVU Members’ concerns, which is why we look to you to help us build the agenda, watch NCOM for posts about future visits.  We expect to visit carriers in Texas and Michigan in early 2013.



Agents Want More Carriers to Use Real-Time Systems, Survey Says

“Sky is the limit” on what agents can do with time freed up because of real-time programs, an agent says.  


For independent agent Joyce Sigler, one hour of time can be the difference between a carrier that uses a real-time system and one that does not.


An agent works on an auto policy with three vehicles and three drivers, each with a different rating. It takes less than minute—a click of a button—to move the information from the agency management system to the carrier using a real-time system, says Sigler, vice president of administration of Jones & Wenner Insurance in Fairlawn, Ohio.


But for a carrier using its own portal, the agent spends an hour rekeying the information and verifying it for accuracy, she adds.


“That time could be spent evaluating renewals, it could be spent doing other marketing programs, it can be spent looking at coverages,” says Sigler, whose agency employs 15 people and offers insurance for trucking and transportation, professional enterprises and personal lines. “The sky is the limit as to where it could be spent.”


Sigler agrees with other independent agents and brokers who say more insurance carriers should offer real-time capabilities to improve workflow efficiency at their agencies, according to a recent Real Time/Download Campaign survey with more than 3,100 respondents.


Using a five-point scale, survey participants prioritized 11 types of enhancements to real-time programs, according to the campaign.


Six of 10 survey respondents gave “additional carriers with real-time capabilities” the highest rating, according to the campaign. Agents and brokers also prioritized “broader carrier participation” and having “consistent lines of business/real-time functions offered across carriers.”


The number of carriers using real-time systems is growing, but there’s still more work to be done, says Stuart Durland, vice president of Seely & Durland Insurance in Warwick, N.Y., who has long supported real-time models.


For Durland’s nine-person agency, which specializes in business and personal property-casualty insurance, not all of the carriers have real-time functions—or are fully carrying them out. The same is true for other agencies too.


To receive a quote for a client, an agent may only need to enter information into the agency management system and click a button, sending the information to a carrier through a real-time program, he says. But for another carrier that’s partially implemented real-time, the agent may need to log in to the carrier’s website to add more information before receiving a rate. And for a carrier not using real-time, the agent may need to start from scratch by retyping all of the client’s information in a carrier’s portal.


“It’s an inconsistent workflow at this point,” Durland says.


In addition to carriers, more agencies could also use real-time, he says. Some aren’t using it for reasons that may include staff size or lack of access to an IT professional, but Durland notes it may seem “more overwhelming than it probably is just to get involved with it.”


“The companies have to implement it, but the agencies have to use it as well,” he adds.


Victoria Goff (victoria.goff@iiaba.netis IA online editor. © Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc. 2012 copyright


More information about the Real-Time Campaign survey results is here 


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Volunteer Today – “The Water’s Fine, and the Payoff Immense!” 

To continue our series highlighting NetVU’s many committed volunteers, we would like to share with you how one long time NetVU volunteer got started and what that means today. Tina Clay has been involved with NetVU (AMSUG when she first started) for more than 12 years.  Here is her story:


Before attending any NetVU events, I had attended another user group conference which was ok, but it didn’t strike a chord with me.  However, from my first NetVU local users group meeting, I found it amazing. The people were so welcoming and willing to share information. Once I attended the first NetVU Conference, I was hooked!  I found the same warmth and witnessed incredible volunteerism tenfold…make that one hundred fold. 


I began volunteering immediately after attending that national conference.  Even though I’ve attended more than 10 conferences since, that same feeling materializes every time.  I am absolutely amazed at the dedication, hard work and willingness to share from attendees, partners, staff and Vertafore. And the bonus is that I have made some incredible life-long friends in the process! 


Although I have an extremely busy work life, I make time to continue my volunteerism because it is very rewarding and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride not found in any other area of life. My recommendation for new users is to not be shy and dive right in…the water’s fine, and the payoff is immense!” 


Tina has volunteered and presented at multiple NetVU Conferences, her local Chapter meetings and PowerUsers. She has been awarded Chapter MVP many times, has served on Leadership Development, Sagitta Education and R&D Committees, and has been involved with SAUCI and the Pacific West Sagitta Users Group. Tina is a member of the NetVU Educators Guild, currently serves on the NetVU board of directors, and is also one of the first certified Sagitta System Admins. Please join us in thanking Tina Clay for her stewardship and service to NetVU and wish her many more years of contributing to users helping users.


Tina’s friendliness and passion for helping others is contagious to everyone she is around.  Please consider joining Tina and our many other NetVU volunteers.  We have over four hundred opportunities to serve, ranging from passing out registration materials at conference to organizing a local Chapter.  The commitment is up to you as Tina says – “dive right in…the water’s fine!”


Do you have a NetVU Volunteerism story – maybe it’s time you started one?


Check out the vast array of volunteer opportunities and complete your volunteerism interest form.  




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