Award Recognition

NetVU members make contributions large and small, from coast to coast, at local Chapter meetings and at national events. They work on a broad range of efforts in a variety of environments—whether behind the scenes, on committees and boards, or in NetVU’s online community and social networking venues. NetVU’s board of directors and staff keenly appreciate the time, dedication, professionalism, commitment and volunteer spirit that characterize our members’ involvement with NetVU.


As a gesture of appreciation and to spur on other volunteers, NetVU recognizes the commitment of volunteer and industry leaders through an extensive awards program.


Award recipients are nominated by members and industry partners, and reviewed confidentially by a volunteer committee.



Chairman's Award  


Chairman's Award(s) will be given by the current chairman of the board at conference for annual service to NetVU. A volunteer committee may give recommendations to the chairman; however, the chairman will issue the award. Awards have been issued to members, Vertafore employees, insurance carriers, such as those active in interface, and industry partners.


Past Recipients:  

Rhys A. Ord and Gary Dempsey, 1997 • CNA, The Hartford, Arbella Insurance Group, Southgate Jones, Jr., 1999 • Gene Connolly, Dr. Robert Anderson, and Todd B. West, 2000 • Kathe Donlan, Sandy Darcy, Mike Randles, 2001 • Robert Schackner, 2002 • Loren Parsons, 2003 • Roxy Burinda, Vertafore Interface & Integration Solutions Group, 2004 • Tammy Jacquin, AAI, 2005 • Susan Hendricks, CIC, AAM, and Camille H. Zaffino, AAM, 2006 • Michael J. Foy and Cindy J. Prud'homme, 2007 • Kevin J. Dickmann and Kim Hartmann, 2008 • Steven J. Aronson, CIC, Carolyn "Cal" Durland, CPCU, Linda E. Rollings, and Jeff Yates, 2009 • Michael Foy, CIC; Michael R. Gray; Joyce Sigler, CISR, CPIW, CPIA; 2010 • Todd Doster, CISSP, MCSE, SSA; Kathie L. Ryan, AAI, CISR, AIS, 2011 • Angela Adams, 2012 • Chapter Leaders, 2013 • Melissa Bond; Kathe Donlan; and Janie Ussery, ACSR, CISR, 2014



Service Award  in Memory of James M. Gibson  


Gibson Service AwardThe Service Award recognizes service and achievement, which goes above and beyond the call of duty, for NetVU activity over the past several years. Nominations for the award recipient, a Vertafore user, will be solicited from Chapter leaders, committee members, board of directors, past presidents, Vertafore and the NetVU staff.  Current award committee members are not eligible for the award.  Submit a Nomination for the Service Award.


Past Recipients:  

Margaret Taylor, 1994 • Beverly J. Coats, 1995 • Deborah Miller, 1996 • Steve West-Rosenthal, 1997 • Gilda G. Sandsness, 1999 • Camille Zaffino, 2000 • Anthony Martone, 2001 • Kay Barrett, 2002 • Jean Murphey, 2003 • Debbie Miner, CPCU, AAM, CPIW, 2004 • Lorraine J. Plezia and Cynthia L. Smith, 2005 • Michael J. Randles, 2006 • Gary W. Williams, 2007 • Cindy J. Prud'homme, 2008 • Joyce Sigler, CISR, CPIW, CPIA, 2009; Kevin J. Dickmann, 2010 • Craig McDonald, 2011 • Ray C. Margeson, AAi, 2012 • Elaine Lewis, CPCU, AAI, 2013 • Carl R. Schlotman, CPCU, CIC, 2014




Automation Excellence Award 


AutoExcelThe Automation Excellence Award will be awarded to NetVU insurance agency that best exemplifies excellence in agency automation implementation. There will be two awards–one for an agency with 25 users or less and one for more than 25 users. The goal of this award is to celebrate innovative ideas that enhance agency efficiency, profitability and streamlined operations. Any NetVU member agency can be nominated for the Automation Excellence Award. The nomination may be initiated by the agency itself, or by another agency, an insurer, a vendor, etc. Agencies associated with NetVU Executive Committee and/or the award committee members will not be eligible for this award.


Submit a Nomination for the Automation Excellence Award. All nominations must be received by December 2. The recipient will be announced at the NetVU Conference.


Past Recipients:  
Parker, Smith & Feek Inc., 2005 • Gulfshore Insurance, 2006 • Moody Insurance Agency Inc. 2007



 25 Users or Less     More Than 25 Users 

Sava Insurance Group Inc., 2008

Lakenan Insurance of Ste. Genevieve, 2009

Charles H. Bilz Insurance Agency Inc., 2010

Reliable Agency Inc., 2013

Cheney Insurance, 2014



Allied Insurance Brokers Inc., 2008

Pierson & Smith Inc., 2009

McQueary Henry Bowles Troy LLP, 2010

Bank of America (BAISI), 2011

Dean & Draper Insurance, LP, 2012

Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services, 2013

ABD Insurance & Financial Services, 2014


Leadership Award - in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr.   


Woodbury Leadership AwardThe Leadership Award was created in memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr. to honor long time leadership to NetVU.  Nominations are solicited from board members, past presidents/chairmen, committee chairman, past board members and Vertafore. Nominations from the current year, as well as preceding year’s will be considered. The recipient is selected by a volunteer committee. Submit a Leadership Award Nomination.


Past Recipients:  

Francis P. McDonnell (posthumously), 1994 • Louie E. Woodbury, Jr., 1995 • Maurice Eagan, 1997 • Linda Rollings, 1999 • Susanne Buyck, CAE, CMP, 2001 • Gary West, 2002 • William J. Travaille, CIC 2003 • Kathe Donlan, 2004 • Kevin N. Wheeler, CIC, 2005 • Beverly J. Coats, 2006 • Don R. Jordan, 2007 • James B. Phelan, CPCU, CLU, CIC, CPIA, 2008 • James R. Elrod, 2009 • Gary W. Williams, 2010 • Cyndy Smith, 2011 • James T. Armitage, CPCU, AAI, 2012  • Dave Ellis, CPCU, ARM, 2013 • Joyce Sigler, CISR,CPIA, CPIW, NcAM, 2014




Insurance Automation Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr.  

Dunbar Award 

The Insurance Automation Award in memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr. is designed to honor those individuals who have demonstrated high principles while striving to continue Dunbar’s mission for industry-wide solutions.



With a new understanding of automation, Wade Dunbar created a structure in which agents, insurance companies and automation providers work together to modernize the insurance industry. His ability to motivate agents as well as all major vendors from around the country to be involved was an unparalleled.  He did this through unwavering adherence to the highest principles, bringing dissimilar groups together with the ultimate goal of single entry multi company interface; today we call this “Real Time.” Remarkably, even after his passing, the initiative continued as an outgrowth of his steadfast devotion to the “good of the industry”, instead of a single individual or company. Today, Dunbar’s role in streamlining is seen as one of the greatest contributions to the insurance industry.



The Insurance Automation Award – in memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr. will be presented to a person who has made significant contributions to insurance industry automation, in the spirit of Wade S. Dunbar. The recipient will be selected by a committee made up of past presidents/chairmen, executive committee members and industry leaders.


Qualifications include:

  • Automation/technology involvement on an industry-wide basis 
  • Recognized achievements while serving the industry from a vendor, insurance company, agency, or industry organization perspective
  • Exemplary personal standards relative to the insurance industry and the common good for all
  • A long-time dedication “for the good of the industry” void of personal agendas
  • A person who is not singularly focused on just one vendor or carrier
  • Someone who has risen above single organization purpose and achievements

The recipient of this award may be any individual in the insurance industry including insurance agency vendors, agents, brokers, insurance carriers, or members of other insurance industry. A nominee can currently be active within the industry, retired, alive, or deceased. 


Submit an Insurance Automation Award Nomination. 


Past Recipients of this prestigious award include: 

John Folk, 1988 • Lawson L. Swearingen, 1989 • Louie E. Woodbury, Jr. 1990 • Robert R. Treweek, 1991 • Robert Burns, 1992 • David W. Wroe, 1993 • Robert E. Merriman, 1994 • Herbert G. Treweek, 1995 • Robert Y. Barnham, Jr. (posthumously), 1996 • Don R. Jordan, 1998 • James B. Phelan, CIC, CLU, CPCU, CPIA, 1999 • Jeffrey M. Yates, 2001 • Douglas R. Bennett, 2002 • James J. Cutro, 2004 • Gregory A. Maciag, 2005 • David Findley, 2006 • Jim Rogers, 2008 • Mele Fuller, AAM, AIT, AAI, 2009 • Dave Acker, 2010 • Carolyn "Cal" Durland, CPCU, 2011 • Cyndy Smith, 2012 • James T. Armitage, CPCU, AAI, 2013 • Steve Anderson, 2014



Quantum Award  


The Quantum Award, established in 2002, is designed to recognize an insurance company’s achievements in working agency-company technology which offers a superior quantum advance in workflow productivity and profitability for member insurance agencies. Nominations are solicited from members, Vertafore employees, insurance company employees, and others. Finalists will be selected by a volunteer committee and the NetVU board will select award recipients. This award has three primary objectives. 


Award Criteria

  • To encourage insurance carriers to successfully deploy single-entry interface technology which utilizes best-of-breed technology, ACORD standards, and real-time processing.
  • To recognize and reward those carriers who have successfully deployed such technology in live, working agency environments, and have helped their agencies grow and profit beyond normal means.
  • To enhance the value of the important partnerships between NetVU members and the insurance carriers.

Award Determination

Nominations will be collected by NetVU through November 30. Members, Vertafore employees, insurance company employees, or others are free to submit nominations. Finalists will be selected by a volunteer committee, and the NetVU board of directors will select award recipients.


Finalists will be selected prior to conference, and will receive one complimentary conference registration for any person designated to receive the award.


Submit a Nomination for the Quantum Award. All nominations must be received by December 2. The recipient will be announced at the NetVU Conference.


Past Recipients:  

Travelers and Michigan Insurance Company, 2003 • The Hartford, 2004 • Encompass, 2005 • Safeco, 2006 • Selective Insurance, 2007 • CNA, 2008 • Allied Insurance, 2009


 Regional   National 

Grange Insurance, 2010

Selective Insurance, 2011

Auto-Owners Insurance, 2012

EMC Insurance Companies, 2013

Central Insurance Companies, 2014

The Hartford, 2010

Allied Insurance, 2011

CNA, 2012

CNA, 2013

Liberty Mutual Insurance, 2014









Education Memorial Award in Memory of Francis P. McDonnell  


The  Education Memorial Award in Memory of Francis P. McDonnell was established to offer financial assistance for those members who could not otherwise afford to attend NetVU Conference. A scholarship is awarded to cover conference registration fees, travel, and lodging (arrangements to be made by the NetVU staff).  Nominations for this Memorial Award are solicited from the NetVU members and a winner selected by a volunteer committee. Since this award is based on financial need, we do not publicize the name of the recipient.


Submit an application.  The deadline for submitting an application is November 30.  


The recipient will be notified no later than January 15. If your agency or Chapter would like to make a donation to honor the memory of Francis P. McDonnell, please make donations to the Francis P. McDonnell Education Memorial Award and lend financial assistance for someone to attend conference.  Please make checks payable to NetVU and mail them to the attention of the Awards Administrator. (Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.) 




Young Insurance Professionals Financial Assistance  


The Motorists Insurance Group is once again sponsoring a Young Insurance Professional to attend the upcoming NetVU Conference.  First-Time NetVU Conference attendees may now apply for financial assistance targeted to increase participation among young insurance professionals.  


The award package includes:

  • NetVU Conference Registration 
  • Hotel Accommodations at the Headquarters Hotel

The Young Insurance Professionals Financial Assistance has been established to assist young professionals in reaching a higher level of performance by participating in the conference and networking with their peers. It also helps agencies with the sometimes unaffordable professional development costs, and thereby contributes to their ability to provide continuing education to employees. By enhancing the knowledge of young professional agency employees, it enables them to contribute to their association, and the profession as a whole.


For more information and to complete the application form. 


Applications are due November 30 and the winner will be notified by January 15.






Mission Statement: 


"We build the future by utilizing the expertise of our volunteers and staff to promote world-class education, the exchange of ideas, advocacy, and technology innovation in the insurance industry."

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