The Magic of Keeping in Touch

By Levitate | Posted: 1/12/2021

As your business grows, personally staying in touch with clients becomes more important than ever. But as you know, it’s easier said than done when you’re up against local and national competitors who often have larger budgets and more resources. Staying in touch can feel like a task beyond your reach. 

So you ask around, do your research, and choose one of the hundreds of personalization tools available. Problem solved, right? Not exactly. The marketing that results from these tools never seems to ultimately feel, well…personal. Instead of meaningfully connecting with clients, lots of marketing noise is created making it easy to forget the relationships that put you in business in the first place.

Is personalization that important? Does it really make a difference? The numbers definitely say YES.

75% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from a company who knows them by name.

81% of consumers prefer companies who understand when to approach them and more importantly, when not to. 

77% of companies who exceed revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy.

With statistics this high, all of us are looking for a better way to stay in touch. Enter keep-in-touch marketing. Designed to help businesses focus more on relationships than advertising, keep-in-touch marketing enables you to send messages that look and feel 100% personal. 

Leading the way in successful keep-in-touch marketing is Levitate. Levitate uses your existing email provider to send emails that appear in client inboxes as personal emails. The platform also remembers key facts about your contacts, sets reminders for you to reach out, and aids in personalized account-rounding.

Here’s what one Vertafore client had to say about using Levitate:

“We were looking for a tool to round out accounts without coming across as blast advertising to our clients. Levitate was the answer. Ashley, our Levitate marketing coach, has helped us stay top-of-mind with clients in a more natural way by finding the perfect balance of what to send and when to send it. With the AMS360 integration, we’re looking forward to getting even more out of Levitate!”  -- Marc Koren, Affiliated Insurance Agents

Maintaining communication with your clients doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools, you can excel at what you love the most about your business -- serving clients in a personal and consistent way, no matter how big your budget or your book of business.

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