Insurance Technology Advocate Award

Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr.

The Insurance Automation Award in memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr. is designed to honor those individuals who have demonstrated high principles while striving to continue Dunbar’s mission for industry-wide solutions.

2022 NetVU Insurance Technology Advocate Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar, Jr. Winner, Patty McQuade


Pictured: Moody Insurance Agency Inc.
Vice President/CIO Patty McQuade

Pictured (L to R): NetVU Executive Director Jon Gorman, Insurance Technology Advocate Award Winner Patty McQuade, NetVU Conference Steering Committee Chairman Jessica Jeffress



With a new understanding of automation, Wade Dunbar created a structure in which agents, insurance companies and automation providers work together to modernize the insurance industry. His ability to motivate agents as well as all major vendors from around the country to be involved was an unparalleled.  He did this through unwavering adherence to the highest principles, bringing dissimilar groups together with the ultimate goal of single entry multi company interface; today we call this “Real Time.” Remarkably, even after his passing, the initiative continued as an outgrowth of his steadfast devotion to the “good of the industry”, instead of a single individual or company.

Today, Dunbar’s role in streamlining is seen as one of the greatest contributions to the insurance industry.

Insurance Technology Advocate Award will be presented to a person who has made significant contributions to insurance industry automation. 

Insurance Technology Advocate Award in Memory of Wade S. Dunbar Jr. Recognizes:

  • Involvement in automation and leading organizations towards full system utilization and leadership on an industry-wide basis. 
  • Recognized achievements while serving the industry from a vendor, insurance company, agency, or industry organization perspective.
  • Leader with exemplary personal standards and passion for the success of all industry partners. Ability to pull different groups together for common goal.
  • Significant contributions to moving forward the insurance industry automation
  • Can be active within the industry, retired, alive, or deceased. 

The recipient of this award may be any individual in the insurance industry including insurance agency vendors, agents, brokers, insurance carriers, or members of other insurance industry. A nominee can currently be active within the industry, retired, alive, or deceased. 

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Past Recipients

Brad Booth, 2020
Rick Morgan, 2019
Keith Savino, 2018
Ron Berg, 2017
Jim Rogers, 2016
Nellie Massoni, 2015 
Steve Anderson, 2014

James T. Armitage,  CPCU, AAI, 2013 
Cyndy Smith, 2012 
Carolyn "Cal" Durland, CPCU, 2011 
Dave Acker, 2010 
Mele Fuller, AAM, AIT, AAI, 2009 
Jim Rogers, 2008 
David Findley, 2006 
Gregory A. Maciag, 2005 
James J. Cutro, 2004 
Douglas R. Bennett, 2002 
Jeffrey M. Yates, 2001  
James B. Phelan, CIC, CLU, CPCU, CPIA, 1999 
Don R. Jordan, 1998 
Robert Y. Barnham, Jr. (posthumously), 1996 

Herbert G. Treweek, 1995 
Robert E. Merriman, 1994 
David W. Wroe, 1993 
Robert Burns, 1992 
Robert R. Treweek, 1991 
Louie E. Woodbury, Jr. 1990 
Lawson L. Swearingen, 1989

John Folk, 1988