NetVU Leadership Award in Memory of Louie E Woodbury Jr.

By Liz Leger | 6/15/2020


Larry Hazen, 2020 recipient of NetVU’s Leadership Award in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr. is no stranger to NetVU, Vertafore and the Independent Insurance Agency System.

Larry’s philosophy to use common day analogies to explain complex software terms is more applicable now than ever with everyone facing a new normal for technology and utilizing management systems more efficiently. Larry, a third-generation insurance agent started in his family’s business at 24, typing invoices on a typewriter, convincing his Father who was his business partner to add their first computer to the agency. Years later, the same six-person agency merged with a much larger agency, was bought by a bank, and transitioned to over 300 people and 18 locations with Larry overseeing every step of the agency management transitions.

Larry’s next move taking on a role as a pre-eminent authority, trainer and consultant for Vertafore’s AMS360 Management System was a dream come true as it couples Larry’s passion for automation, encouraging computer literacy and sharing his innate knowledge all while doing it with a sense humor and quick wit. Peggy Ealahan, Riley Insurance Agency when asked about Larry’s enthusiasm says, His excitement about sharing his knowledge of AMS has no bounds and he is a great teacher.”  Larry continually stresses, “helping people become a bit more computer literate helps in more ways than one”. Larry’s intense focus and commitment to helping members to better focus on automation and encourage management system growth has earned him a nationwide NetVU fan club and showcases his natural passion to be an industry leader.

A meeting is just a meeting without Larry in attendance. For years, his presence role as secretary and presenter for the NetVU New England Chapter has set the gold standard. As NetVU Past Chairman Mike Foy points out “He cared that everyone enjoyed themselves at meetings and was one of the reasons NetVU New England has been a successful chapter.  Every Chapter needs someone like Larry.

Kristine Karlsson, Chalmers Insurance Group raves “Larry Hazen is the consummate cheerleader and one of our go to presenters for our NetVU New England meetings.  Larry can get the attendees enthused and engaged by just walking in with his smile!”

The one thing that sticks in my mind is Larry’s comment “Is everyone happy happy?” He would open our meetings after the announcements were read, and this is the first thing he would say. His enthusiasm and passion are just off the charts”. Laurie Audy, President of NetVU NE.

NetVU’s mission, “We build the future by utilizing the expertise of our volunteers and staff to promote world-class education, the exchange of ideas, advocacy and technology innovation in the insurance industry." Larry Hazen embraces our mission on each level.

Lorraine Plezia, Risk Strategies Co., “Larry is a free spirit who brings smiles to everyone around him.  You can’t help it; he’s that infectious (the good kind of infection)!  He is fiercely dedicated and is always first in line to help.  That’s what the NetVU New England has experienced over the many, many years of service to our organization.  He’s eagerly switched hats in order to keep us going, serving as President, Secretary, Communications Director… you name it.  He’s the kind of volunteer you wish you could clone.  Add that to the wonderful family man he is, and you have a winner!

Please join us in congratulating Larry on his well-deserved Leadership Award.

NetVU’s Annual Leadership Award was created in memory of Louis E. Woodbury, Jr. to honor long time leadership, proven achievement, and contribution to NetVU and industry. The recipient is recognized as a leader in their community, the industry and within NetVU in support of our mission.

We want to hear about members who embody leadership and commitment. Please visit our Awards Page to learn more about NetVU Awards and submit your nomination.