Making Better Connections
By: Lauren Crosby | September 30, 2020

NetVU is unique because we bring Vertafore customers together peer to peer for business solutions. As many members have experienced, these relationships grow into partnerships, mentorships, friendships, and even family. While many of us are physically distant, it’s more important now than ever to bring our members together.

It’s in this spirt of information sharing that NetVU’s recent series of virtual round tables began. Spurred on by a conversation in NetVU’s online discussion forum, the NetVU Community (NCOM), between two small agency owners about new product updates, our May 15 Small Agencies Round Table was born.

Facilitated by former marine mammal trainer and bird enthusiast turned agency principal and owner Oliver Connor, Connor Insurance, this first round table aimed to expand upon online discussions and recreate (as much as possible) the interactions that would have happened in person at NetVU’s annual conference earlier in the month. With what felt like reckless abandon, we adjusted webinar settings to “un-mute,” allowed group chat, and provided the ability to freely share webcams. We wondered what would happen.

If you build it, they will come. The first round table for small agencies was a success. An intimate group of 15 joined the first call for topics ranging from working from home to technology solutions, and they asked NetVU to setup one more, then another. Shares NetVU Executive Board Member Oliver Connor, “We are building a sense of community in these sessions; I can feel it.”

Since that first call in May, NetVU just added our sixth small agencies round table to the calendar and extended the time to 90 minutes. We’ve added round tables for mid-sized agencies and large agencies. We’ve held calls surrounding topics like “marketing and AI” and “mergers and acquisitions.” Through the end of September, NetVU had almost 800 registrations for 17 round tables. We’ve learned to better connect our members – not just by the Vertafore solutions they use – but by firm size, role, knowledgebase, and career level.

Do you have an idea for a round table? Contact NetVU to let us know! View our Events Calendar to register for upcoming round tables. Listen to sessions you missed on demand in NetVU University. Join the conversations on our online discussion forum, the NetVU Community (NCOM).