Vertafore is Listening to Small Agencies

By Melissa Bond | Posted: 12/2/2020

NetVU has heard many times from small agencies that Verafore only cares about the large agent and large organizations. Vertafore's CEO, Amy Zupon wants to change that perception. The AMS360 Connection Roundtable provided a great opportunity for small agencies to connect directly with Amy and voice their opinions. 

The goals of the roundtable session were to start a conversation with small agencies about impactful recent releases, to help Vertafore better understand the needs to small agencies, and to share meaningful self-help resources. Listen to Vertafore's AMS360 Connection Roundtable here.

Amy shared her excitement about the latest AMS360 enhancements benefiting small agencies and what is coming in future releases. "Vertafore stands for agencies, and Vertafore is built on, and for, its small agencies." In short, Vertafore is working to make products and releases more consumable for the small agent.

70% of features released in 20R1 have been directly submitted, and voted on by the AMS360 agency community utilizing the Ideas portal located on My Vertafore. Vertafore looks to the Ideas portal to better understand what customers need to make doing business easier with the tools you have in place.

The AMS360-specific session was hosted by Oliver Connor, Owner, Conner Insurance Agency, Cassidy Smirnow, Vertafore's Chief Customer Officer, and Amy Zupon, Vertafore CEO.

Oliver Connor is most excited about the Append Activity Attachments enhancement. His agency uses copy certificate holder attachments daily and feels like he now takes it for granted since this process wasn’t possible just last year.  According to Oliver, “Small agencies don’t have time to think about or know what Vertafore has going on.  Having the brief recaps helps, and incorporating features that non-Vertafore, outside vendors offer is extremely appreciated.”

Vertafore is most interested in helping agencies support your customers by better understanding what you need to both service customers and to write more business.  Amy also understands that your technology is one of the largest investments your firm will make.

Vertafore is building tools to help better utilize your investment with a few tools:
  • Did You Know? Videos – recorded demos of underutilized tools.
  • Office Hours Webinars – short, live, sessions on most frequently asked questions. Invites for upcoming sessions are sent via email.
  • Learning Journeys –role-specific efficient training materials, combining resources from many areas. From the MyVertafore homepage click on ‘Check Out Training’.
  • NetVU University – featuring Vertafore product and leadership development education led by volunteers, Vertafore, and industry experts.
  • NetVU Community – Vertafore watches for common topics to put together training sessions. 

According to Oliver, “Understanding where features are coming from and how I can use them with little time is important to me as a five-person agency owner.  It’s also up to me to take the time to share what my agency needs with Vertafore, and I appreciate knowing it will pay off in the long run.  It means a lot to know Vertafore is listening and understanding, and as our partner we’ll be successful together.”

During the AMS360 Connection Roundtable, Vertafore went over AMS360 20R2 enhancements and additional upcoming releases including:
  • Proposal Builder
  • Client Communications
  • Benchmarking, powered by RiskMatch
  • and more 

Be on the lookout for more opportunities like this roundtable from Vertafore!

Listen to Vertafore’s AMS360 Connection Roundtable here.

More about Ideas
Ideas is the tool by which the Vertafore user community can partner with NetVU and Vertafore to document product enhancement requests and in turn socialize the requests to the entire community.  Requests are reviewed by fellow Vertafore users, commented upon, collaborated, and finally voted on. The volunteers on the product work groups implement the suggestions and put into action alongside the Vertafore product managers.

How to Submit an Enhancement/Idea | Welcome to My Vertafore