Chapter Awards

NetVU recognizes the commitment of volunteers and industry leaders through an extensive awards program. Click here to view the recent award recipients who were nominated by members and industry partners, and reviewed confidentially by a volunteer committee.

  Chapter of the Year               

Recognizes the Chapter that grows and is, as a whole, outstanding in every way. Specific areas being considered are:

Participation in the NetVU Community
Having a strong connection/relationship with Vertafore
Growth in volunteers, development of new Chapter leaders, participation in Chapter meetings, and growth in the number of events
Submitted documents and conformed to NetVU timelines as requested (specifically education plans)

Previous recipients:   
Georgia NetVU Group, 2011 
Georgia NetVU Group, 2012 
U-VU Ohio Chapter, 2013
Georgia NetVU Chapter, 2014
WorkSmart Chapter, 2015
NetVU New England, 2016
Michigan NetVU, 2017
ImageRight NetVU Chapter, 2018

  Phoenix  Award                   

Recognizes the Chapter that has the most improvement during the year.  

Previous recipients:   
Rocky Mountain AMS Users' Group, 2011
SoCal Valley NetVU Users Group, 2012
Long Island AMS360 Chapter, 2014
Mid-America User Group, 2015
Golden State Chapter, 2016
BenefitPoint Users Group, 2017
BenefitPoint Users Group, 2018

  Rookie of the Year  Award                 

Recognizes a new Chapter that has succeeded well their first year.  

Previous recipients:   
BenefitPoint Users Group, 2011 
Young Professionals Chapter, 2012
WorkSmart Chapter, 2013
NetVU AIM and MGA User Group, 2016
Pacific Northwest AMS360 NetVU, 2017

MVPs - Most Valuable Players             

The MVP designation is awarded to select groups of members who have gone above and beyond to advance their Chapters, promote industry automation, and make a difference in the lives of their fellow users.