Are you still paying for eSign?

The Kotter Group | Posted: 5/4/2021

Collecting digital signatures is a key task for any productive agency, and that software is now available for free to independent insurance agencies.  

Why give away something that others charge up to $40/person to use?  Simple. We believe in the independent insurance channel.  The Kotter Group has created an enterprise-level eSign platform exclusively for independent insurance agencies and is providing it for free. 

Since 1996, The Kotter Group has been helping agencies sell, service, and retain more policies. Now, we are going to help even more by making our eSign product completely FREE.  We believe that once you have experienced the power of, you’ll want to see what a difference the rest of the Bridge Suite can make in your agency.

NetVU Members can create a FREE account - No gimmicks - No gotchas.  Just enterprise-level eSign for free for independent insurance agents.  

Know what matters with eSignatures? Keep reading.
Most agents and CSRs understand the power of a good eSignature system.  Done correctly, an eSign platform should allow you to take any document (or anything that you can print), add a signature field, e-mail or text it to one or multiple people, and then receive a signed copy back that is verifiable through the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).  An enterprise-level system adds the ability to create auto-populating text fields, templates, and reminders, to send multiple documents at once, and then to export those executed documents to the management system.  

Although often referred to simply as an “e-signature,” “eSign,” or “digital signature,” a “Certificate-Based Digital Signature” is a specific type of electronic signature that is generated with a digital certificate provided by a trusted third party called a Certificate Authority (CA) after a thorough verification process. Digital signatures serve 3 purposes:

1. Authentication: A digital signature gives the receiver confirmation that the message was created and sent by the sender as claimed.
2. Non-repudiation: With a digital signature, the sender cannot later deny having sent the message/agreement/contract, and the signatory cannot deny having signed it.
3. Integrity: A digital signature ensures that the message was not altered in transit.

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