Broker Buddha now integrated with Vertafore Sagitta

Author: Broker Buddha | Posted 9/8/2021

Broker Buddha, the leading client engagement platform for independent agencies, announces the ability to seamlessly integrate with Vertafore’s Sagitta Agency Management System.  Building on its library of over 10,000 Smart Forms and highly personalized client engagement tools, Broker Buddha’s latest release allows agencies to import client data from Sagitta and gather updates as part of a submission.

With the markets hardening this year, agencies are forced to remarket more commercial insurance policies than ever.  And for every submission, updated schedule data (locations, vehicles, drivers, property, etc…) is a must have.  Broker Buddha’s integration with Sagitta makes it simple for agents to retrieve their latest copy of client schedule data from Sagitta and present it to their clients.  

Broker Buddha helps agencies across the country simplify the application and renewal process for their agents and their clients.  Now, instead of forcing agents to click through countless screens to generate schedule files and attach those files to client emails, Broker Buddha allows agents to easily import schedule data from Sagitta.  

With support for 14 different schedules, this integration is the most comprehensive integration in the market and helps agencies build better relationships with their more complex clients.  
1. Location
2. Building
3. Property underwriting schedule
4. Property location specific coverage 
5. Blanket coverages
6. Drivers
7. Vehicles
8. Additional interest
9. GL underwriting
10. GL additional coverage
11. Schedule of equipment
12. Unscheduled equipment
13. WC underwriting schedule
14. WC individuals schedule

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