Building A Culture Of Leadership
Lexie Anderson | NetVU | Posted: 9/7/2021

We all know and have been around some fantastic leaders. However, you could also say the opposite, and those not-so-great leaders are unforgettable as well. The tough part is figuring out how to be one of those great leaders and creating a company culture where you help others to be leaders too. 

Company culture is everything. You hear it all the time in interviews when asked what someone is looking for in their new place of work. Almost everyone mentions a positive and encouraging company culture. Fostering a culture of leadership in your business is essential to growth and development. There should be employees at all levels, demonstrating the ability to lead. By fostering an environment focused on growth and leadership, you are setting yourself and your business up for success.

Everyone has heard the saying “lead by example”, and there is so much truth to that in the professional world. Employees want to work for someone who can always demonstrate leadership, which in turn will foster loyalty and courage to lead within themselves. Strong leaders can communicate effectively. Communication is key and this is how you get your team on the same page, understanding goals, and igniting passion. Great leaders are approachable, and willing to listen. A strong work environment is one where your employees know they can come to you with opinions, challenges, or questions, without fear of repercussion. Desirable leaders are transparent. When you are authentic, open, and honest with your employees, they will be loyal to you and to the company. Showing your team that even you as a leader of this company hold yourself accountable for setbacks will inspire confidence within your employees.

Younger or newer staff members tend to look up to more tenured employees for guidance and mentorship when starting off their career.  When you provide leadership training for these already tenured employees, newer staff members will recognize that they too have the potential to become a mentor and a leader as well. Not only does this promote a culture of next generation leaders, but you too will have the opportunity to promote from within your company because you can trust the leadership training that these employees have received. 

Leaders are everywhere, even in your business. When you show your employees what a great leader looks like, and you demonstrate those characteristics day in and day out, your employees will be inspired to become strong leaders as well. Provide your employees with leadership training and give them opportunities to showcase those skills they have learned. And watch your company culture shift to a positive, leadership minded place of work. If you are looking for more information on leadership training and how to make your employees leaders, be sure to take a look at a couple articles that are linkeYou can find leadership development content at, under the calendar of events. We have several sessions coming up in our Feel Good Friday Series, all of which are beneficial for leadership development.

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