Download Connections: The Key to Agency Efficiency

IVANS | Posted: 5/4/2021

Data shows that the insurance industry is pushing towards being entirely paperless. Insurers and MGAs are adopting modern technologies to automate information exchange between their different systems to save time and money. According to a recent IVANS Connections Survey, 93% of agents consider the availability of automated insurer interface to be crucially important. This number is far too large to ignore and shows that download connections should be a main focus for agencies to succeed in the future.  

A download connection is based on insurer-agency pairings within IVANS, and a connection is considered any line of business your insurers or MGAs download. An available connection is any line of business that an insurer or MGA offers that you don’t currently have turned on. Connections should matter to your agency because by activating all lines of business with all insurers and MGAs, you strengthen your relationships with them, and maximize your agency’s efficiency by reducing time spent performing manual administrative tasks. 

Of the nearly 1,000,000 available download connections today, more than 40% are not activated. Many agencies simply are not aware of all the download services that their insurers and MGAs offer or believe they already download every line of business available. 

Using download technology, your agency can take full advantage of all available download connections for significant cost savings and overall agency efficiency, saving about two hours of time per employee per day. IVANS gives your agency access to the Connections Report, which allows you to identify connections that are not turned on, indicate your interest in specific insurer downloads, note when you’re not appointed with insurers to download certain lines of business, and automatically receive notification when new lines are available.

Read this eBook to learn why download connections are critical for success at your agency.

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