Meet Lightspeed Voice Mobile App

Contributor: Anna Knoblach | Lightspeed Voice | NetVU Silver Corporate Partner | Posted 06/07/2022

In an era where staying connected to your clients is of utmost importance, it can be challenging to keep your cell phone and work phone separate. Enter the Lightspeed Voice Mobile App, an exciting addition to the Lightspeed Voice product family.

While the app is more than just an office phone, it does come with all the functionality of your desk or softphone. Access to the dial-pad, recent calls, and voicemail, as well as your entire phone book, where you can add, edit, search for entries, and place calls, are just a click away. When your agency phone rings, your app will also ring, letting you know that you are receiving a call - no matter where you are!

Texting from your office number is a breeze from the app; all messages sent to and from customers will be available virtually anywhere. Send emails, check daily call stats, pick up parked calls - you can do it all from your mobile device with the Lightspeed Voice App!

Helping insurance agencies since 2009, Lightspeed Voice has integrations with AMS360 and QQCatalyst which improves the overall customer experience and allows agency owners and managers to have a fully featured communications platform.

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