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Do You Stare at a Screen All Day? Try Computer Glasses

Why you should try computer glasses

Red eyes, blurred vision, headaches. These are the signs of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). With so much time in front of a computer, your eyes are literally straining to focus on the screen.

Luckily, there is relief: prescription computer glasses. These are not the same as reading glasses or the progressive lenses you may already have. Computer glasses improve your intermediate zone of vision. They can also cut down on glare and ensure that you are comfortable, so you don’t strain your neck or shoulders.

Mark Belden, CPIA, recently wrote on the NetVU Community forum that by mid-day, his eyes are strained from looking at his computer. Belden is the agency manager at Speiker & Company Ltd in Prior Lake, Minnesota. He uses two monitors in his office and asked if anyone had tried computer glasses.

As it turns out, a number of NetVU members use the glasses, and they highly recommend them. Lynn Bull, vice president of benefits at WIS&G Insurance in Turlock, California, notes that her agency offers computer glasses as an employee benefit and will pay up to $250 every two years to cover the expense.

“Computer glasses do relieve eye strain,” she says. “They help tremendously, and I have fewer headaches.”

Cathy Hall, CPRM, CIC, AAI, AIM, CPIA, CPIW, vice president at Forest Agency, Forest Park, Illinois, says her agency has purchased computer glasses for all of its employees. “Most everyone reports less eye strain and fewer headaches,” she says.

A few tips before visiting your eye-care professional:

  • Measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the surface of your computer screen. This information will be used in writing your prescription.
  • Consider getting an anti-reflective or “anti-glare” coating. You may also want your glasses tinted to cut down on blue light or harsh overhead lighting.
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