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Tell me about NetVU

In 1978, an association was formed to support agencies utilizing ARCom technology. To keep pace with the changing face of its founding partner, the ARCom Users Group became the AMS Users Group, or AMSUG. And in 2010, it rebranded again as the Network of Vertafore Users, or NetVU. Today, we help the 500,000 users of Vertafore solutions fully utilize their systems through education, networking and advocacy. Member benefits include live and on-demand web training facilitated by industry experts, as well as a flagship event, Accelerate, powered by NetVU. We have earned a position of leadership in the insurance industry by expanding in size and scope.

Who is NetVU

Vertafore vs NetVU

What is the difference between Vertafore and NetVU?

While Vertafore is NetVU’s founding and principle partner, NetVU is an independent organization. Vertafore customers are automatically members of NetVU, with no dues required. Vertafore is the world’s leading provider of software and data solutions to the insurance distribution channel. NetVU is the user group that provides insights, use-case scenarios, and future-looking industry needs to help Vertafore advance. NetVU is about people – we’re the community of thousands of volunteers who are passionate about efficiency, profitability and good customer experience. The expertise of volunteers and staff promotes world-class education, advocacy, exchange of ideas, and technology innovation to the insurance industry.

Who are the members of NetVU?

Independent agencies comprise the largest category of membership. But Vertafore provides dozens of products to enable all segments of the industry. So, NetVU members also include brokers, wholesalers, MGAs, carriers, and even state insurance departments. These organizations use Vertafore products such as AIM, AMS360, BenefitPoint, ImageRight, QQCatalyst, Sagitta, and more.

Whats the difference between NetVU and Vertafore

Why did NetVU refresh its corporate identity

Why did NetVU refresh its corporate identity?

We pursued a new identity that would better reflect our values, our members and our vision for the industry. In 2017, NetVU Board emphasized an enhanced, collaborative relationship with the new Vertafore leadership. A thriving users group adds tremendous value to the firm providing the technology. And NetVU’s influence – generated by education, leadership and peer-to-peer interaction – on Vertafore’s focus and services is highly beneficial for its customers.

While the two organizations are separate and independent, having synergy between them is a win-win for the entire industry.Thus, NetVU redesigned its brand identity so that the spirit of collaboration can be understood from an “at-a-glance” visual standpoint. And our new tagline, “Strength in Members,” signifies that we’re powered by our members, who help each other get the most out of their Vertafore solutions.

Our New Look

The Goal

Reimagine the NetVU logo so that it highlights our organization’s dedication to innovation and efficient, streamlined solutions, with Vertafore at the core.

Symbolic Imagery

The unique shape and connection of the “V” and “U” is inspired by the angles of the icon in Vertafore’s logo, representing forward momentum. At our core, NetVU is about members helping members succeed as they unleash the power of Vertafore products.

NetVUs new colors
Better Together

With our logos newly aligned in color scheme and typography, NetVU and Vertafore appear more connected. We exhibit distinct organizations that share common goals.


This minimalist rendition of “NetVU” highlights our dedication to innovation as well as efficient, streamlined solutions.


Our primary color—charcoal gray—is modern and sleek and corresponds beautifully with a vast array of shades. The bright orange “V” highlights NetVU’s relationship with Vertafore.

Better Together - NetVU and Vertafore