Leadership Award in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr.

Leadership Award was created in memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr. to honor long time leadership, proven achievement and contribution to NetVU and our industry.  The recipient of this award is recognized as a leader in their community, the industry and within NetVU in support of our mission.

The NetVU mission is, “We build the future by utilizing the expertise of our volunteers and staff to promote world-class education, the exchange of ideas, advocacy and technology innovation in the insurance industry."

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NetVU Leadership Award in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr. Winner, Larry Hazen


Past recipients: 

Francis P. McDonnell (posthumously), 1994
Louie E. Woodbury, Jr., 1995
Maurice Eagan, 1997
Linda Rollings, 1999
Susanne Buyck, CAE, CMP, 2001
Gary West, 2002
William J. Travaille, CIC 2003
Kathe Donlan, 2004
Kevin N. Wheeler, CIC, 2005 
Beverly J. Coats, 2006
Don R. Jordan, 2007 James B. Phelan, CPCU, CLU, CIC, CPIA, 2008
James R. Elrod, 2009
Gary W. Williams, 2010
Cyndy Smith, 2011
James T. Armitage, CPCU, AAI, 2012 
Dave Ellis, CPCU, ARM, 2013
Joyce Sigler, CISR,CPIA, CPIW, NcAM, 2014
Martha Williamson, CIC, 2015
Steven J. Aronson, CIC, 2016
Kevin N. Wheeler, CIC, 2017
Allyne R. Miller, 2018
Bill Henson, 2019