It’s All About App-titude

By Hillarie Holcomb, NetVU Marketing Specialist | 4/11/2016

I love my iPhone. It’s my constant companion during the day and even lays next to me as I sleep. I can’t imagine my life without it. No, this isn’t the opening of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Although, if in the movie The Notebook, you replaced Rachel McAdams with an iPhone – I would definitely watch that. Seriously, smartphones and tablets have changed the way we live and communicate, and it’s fantastic!
Now multi-tasking is easier than ever. While I’m sitting on the couch watching MasterChef or Top Chef in the evenings (yes, all my favorite shows are food related), I’m also checking out what’s happening in NCOM. NCOM is the NetVU Online Community that allows you to build your network and ask or answer questions with your peers.  Did you know there is an NCOM app?  It’s now easier than ever to connect with other users, ask questions and get invaluable information for you and your firm.
The app has unique features that will only strengthen your relationship with NetVU and your smartphone and/or tablet:
  • Convenient – You can read all the latest discussions from all of your subscriptions in a single feed.
  • Seamless – Reply to discussions and even post new discussion. It’s super easy!
  • Searchable – It’s easier than ever to find other members in the directory and add them to your contacts. From there, with a couple of taps on your screen, you can call or email them.
  • Social – You can stay informed of all NetVU events and happenings with the @NetVU_Now twitter feed.
NCOM is now part of my daily routine. As I’m getting my morning caffeine fix, before the work day officially starts, I’m scrolling through my discussions. While I’m waiting for my pizza to be delivered, instead of working out, I’m scrolling through the NetVU twitter feed. If you are as excited as I am, you probably have already downloaded the NCOM app on all of your devices. Just in case, here are the steps:
  1. From your mobile device, visit your app store and search “NCOM”.
  2. Download the app
  3. Log in with your NetVU username and password
Of course, if you have any NCOM related questions, email

Hillarie Holcomb is NetVU’s Marketing Specialist & NCOM Coordinator.