Efficiency Takes Time & Listening

By Lexie Anderson | Posted: 1/11/2021

Opening the new year in our Meet the Board series, were introducing you to Board Member, Oliver Connor. Oliver is the owner of Connor Insurance Agency, Inc. located in North Carolina. Oliver graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in zoology. After a few years in Florida working with marine mammals he decided to move back to North Carolina and work for the family insurance agency that his dad started in 1999. 

Oliver got involved with NetVU because of his agency’s use of Vertafore products. Currently his agency uses Vertafore Agency Platform, AMS360. Oliver has learned that using this technology is much like any other. It may not automatically work or save your agency but that is because it requires some time and effort to fully understand how to make your technology best work for you. “I see too many people jumping around on their main systems which are costing them a lot of resources and their sanity”. However, once you find that perfect fit, and put the time in to learn it, it will completely change how efficiently your agency will run.  

The NetVU Community is where Oliver really started his NetVU journey. At first, Oliver was a “silent lurker” as he likes to put it. Browsing through NCOM forums finding pieces of information here and there but not truly being engaged. Eventually he became an active and engaged member in the NetVU Community and began to find solutions, tips and tricks to using his Vertafore products which opened up so many opportunities for himself and his agency. 

One of those being the opportunity to serve on the NetVU Board of Directors as Board Member At Large. When Oliver isn’t busy with his agency or serving on the NetVU Board he enjoys spending time playing PC or hunting with his birds of prey out in North Carolina. Oliver is also on the staff of a program called Teens Camping Tour of the West, in which he was a participant when he was 15. This program takes teens out West to explore and grow, Oliver has been a leader on this trip five times since. 

Oliver may be the teacher, and a large guiding factor to these teens, however he believes that NetVU is just that to the insurance industry. His favorite thing about NetVU is that everyone brings something to the table and there is so much knowledge offered up through NetVU. He firmly believes that he has become a better agent and agency owner because of education that NetVU offers. His biggest piece of advice to those who are new to the insurance industry or just new to NetVU is to listen. “Listen to those that have come before you.  They may be right, most of them may be wrong, but if you are too busy doing and not listening, it is going to cost you valuable time and resources.” 

Be an active participant, especially on the NetVU Community. Put the time and effort into truly learning the ins and outs of your technology. And be sure to really listen to those who are offering fresh knowledge. 2021 is a great time to start new, and challenge yourself to learn and grow.


You can find Oliver and say hello on the NetVU Community.