‘The New Frontier’ and NetVU17

By Barb Dale, CPIW, CISR, CPCU, NetVU Chairman | 2/28/2017

I often tell new NetVU members that attending Conference is “a must.” I say that because I learned so much at my first Conference. No other meeting has as much education and networking packed into a single venue. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

NetVU Chairman Barb Dale discusses why her first time to attend NetVU Conference was so important.

Whether you’re brand-new to Vertafore or a longtime NetVU member, there is definitely a reason to come to Nashville, March 23-25. Technology drives much of what we do now in our businesses, so it really is a must to learn more about the products we use.

Computer scientist Alan Kay once said, “Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.” That’s certainly the case in the insurance world! Technology is something that we’ve all had to learn — and embrace. It truly is “The New Frontier,” the theme that I have chosen for NetVU17.

Every day, new developments are coming onto the scene. It may be something new that our customers want, or something that our agents and brokers need to stay competitive. Technology is not just for today; it’s what we anticipate for tomorrow. We can’t stop learning and growing; we have to constantly push towards “The New Frontier.”

At this year’s Conference , I look forward to learning how to best utilize and integrate all the Vertafore products my agency uses. We currently use AMS360, WorkSmart, PL Rating and ReferenceConnect. We recently moved AMS360 from a server within my agency to the Vertafore data center and added Agency Platform. In addition, we purchased BenefitPoint and will have it up and going before Conference.

NetVU Conference allows you to learn about new technology and find out what will work for your firm.

It was at previous Conferences that I first heard about Platform and saw how it works with other products. That’s what makes Conference so valuable: You learn firsthand about new solutions. You share ideas with other Vertafore users. You meet with Vertafore experts and vendors. You learn so much in the course of just a few days!

So instead of wondering what the “next big thing” is in agency technology, why not come to Nashville and see for yourself? Be a part of “The New Frontier”!

Barb Dale explains where you should put your firm’s resources.