You Are Never Too Old to Learn

By Lexie Anderson | Posted: 12/1/2020

December’s issue of NetVU’s Meet the Board Series has its spotlight on Secretary and Treasurer, Lorraine Plezia. Lorraine works from her home in Lincoln, Rhode Island as the Insurance Accounting Manager with Risk Strategies Company. Lorraine has one of the most varied backgrounds in the independent agency system in both her business and volunteer careers.  She has spent time leading agencies, working with NetVU and Vertafore and found her home with Risk Strategies. 

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Lorraine loves to spend her free time with her husband, two sons, and two granddaughters Gabriella and Alex. They also have a rescue dog named Fritz. Lorraine is a big traveler and a couple of her favorite places to visit have been Austria and Germany. Her planned trip to Ireland has been postponed amid all this craziness until the Fall of 2021. 

When Lorraine is not traveling, she spends a lot of her time volunteering with NetVU in many different capacities. Lorraine has been involved with NetVU for quite some time. She joined the local New England Chapter in 1985 and now serves on the Board of Directors. Quickly after joining the New England Chapter Lorraine realized that leadership within NetVU would be the fastest way to learn the ins and outs of the Vertafore systems her agency was using. At the time they were utilizing the Pathfinder system and have evolved into using many more Vertafore products such as AMS360, AIM, WorkSmart, RiskMatch and BenefitPoint.

Lorraine is the recipient of the 2005 James M Gibson Volunteer service award which honors individuals for outstanding service and efforts in making NetVU and our members stronger.  Lorraine has written and presented numerous classes for NetVU on AMS360 workflows, Accounting, migrations, reports. Lorraine is a frequent contributor on the NetVU Community/NCOM. 

During her time spent with the New England Chapter Lorraine knew she was learning so much about the use of their everyday Vertafore systems. However, what she realized once she joined the Board of Directors was that the knowledge she had been gaining for years she was now able to share with others. She is a huge advocate about growing future leaders and educators and that is one of her favorite things about NetVU. NetVU members have endless opportunities to expand their knowledge and become leaders within their own companies. Lorraine knows that volunteering is just as much about what you get as what you give. And while she is a huge advocate for our industry’s future leaders, she believes she gets just as much knowledge and growth out of it. 

You are never too old to learn and NetVU is the best place to expand your knowledge of Vertafore products and services and Corporate Partners offerings. Growth is not stagnant and there is always room for more. Volunteer, reach out to industry leaders and be proactive in your education journey because there is always more to learn.

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