Stability: It’s What We Do
NetVU’s Value Carries On in Time of Transition

By Kitty Ambers, CIC, CPIA, CISR, NetVU CEO

NetVU’s founding partner Vertafore announced Amy Zupon as its new CEO in September, prior to NetVU’s PowerUsers Growth and Innovation Summit.

It’s no coincidence that Vertafore used the words “growth and innovation” in its news release.

Just like insurance firms like yours are looking for growth and innovation, so too is Vertafore as the company aims to deepen its user base for systems like Vertafore Agency Platform, AMS360, Sagitta, AIM, QQ Catalyst and others. Growth gives any software firm the margin to create, innovate and expand.

Prior to Zupon’s appointment as CEO, Bain Capital Private Equity and Vista Equity Partners acquired Vertafore in June 2016.

When ownership and leadership change, those are signals that other things will soon change too. And I’m looking forward to change in areas like product features. Amy just began work in early October — and I can’t wait to see how Vertafore builds on its already-strong foundation under her leadership.

One thing that comes to mind during this time of change: Even as ownership and leadership change, Vertafore as a longstanding practice has held the core belief that a user group is essential to the long-term adoption and effectiveness of the company’s software products, especially in the complex world of insurance.

Because you sell, procure or license insurance products and are a Vertafore product user, you are automatically a member of NetVU — which provides resources for the growth and innovation of your own firm. Providing networking, education and advocacy for more than 30,000 insurance agencies, carriers and managing general agents with more than 500,000 users of Vertafore solutions is not just what we do for you as a member. It also creates the side effect of solidifying Vertafore’s market leadership.

Times of change like these are good moments to remember that NetVU, while embracing change, also delivers stability and consistency for the user community.

Barb Dale, CPCU, CISR, CPIW, NetVU's 2016-17 Chairman of the Board, spent time together with me at a recent industry meeting. She commented that the value of a user group carries on in a time of transition. “NetVU brings to all of us, as professionals involved in the insurance industry, stability and resources. NetVU allows us to have peer-to-peer conversations, to share ideas, to dream, and to support each other. All that is important.”

Keith Savino, CPIA, NetVU’s 2015-16 Chairman of the Board, also weighed in. “These changes can sometimes concern users, but they shouldn’t anymore. NetVU is one of the great customer benefits Vertafore can always present as a value during a sale and for retention. Having a strong and adaptive user group always provides continuity of product direction, industry advocacy and education regardless of management changes. We have a very agile user group today.”

We hope you — as a user of Vertafore products — are taking advantage of all that NetVU has to offer! To learn more, visit us at  or call us at 800-456-7799.

Kitty Ambers