Don't Fear Download
Posted: 9/7/2021

NetVU is on a mission to help you get over your fear of Download. Personal Lines Download has won widespread admiration, but Commercial Lines Download is a different story. Many firms are apprehensive about using it; for one, because they’re concerned it will overwrite critical data they’ve already entered. Not true, if you do it right!

That’s just one example, but it illustrates what can happen when there’s misinformation or a lack of information out there. People assume. Rumors spread. The fact is, Commercial Lines Download is an essential tool for every firm that values great data management and total data transparency with their carriers and MGAs. 

A great tool that makes things more efficient shouldn’t sit on the shelf; it’s worth the investment. So Joyce Sigler, Systems Intelligence Manager, Client Advisor, SeibertKeck Insurance Partners, is investing some of her time and energy to revive the Download discussion and increase adoption, and she’s asking for your help. Visit her post on NCOM and share your (constructive) thoughts about Download. If you’re using Commercial Lines Download, what do you wish you had known going in? What kinds of resources do you need to help you fearlessly jump in and start getting the most from Download? 

The goal is to get people talking, then acting. And to tailor information and education to your needs so you and your firm can confidently make Download a seamless part of your Commercial workflow. 

Check out the discussion and jump in!  

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