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Here’s every chapter meeting or education session we offer. Many are held virtually, so you can participate wherever you are. Put NetVU on your calendar, and watch your firm’s efficiency improve.

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12/12/2018Sagitta Accounting: Open Forum on Year-End/ReconciliationVirtual CH0001812
12/19/2018AIM Series Part 1 of 3: AccountingVirtual CH3191812
1/9/2019How to Keep Negativity from Infecting Your Workplace - OmniaVirtual WIOMN0119
1/9/2019Making Download Work For You - Part 1Virtual WIEDU0109
1/10/2019AMS360: Create Process Reviews for Your Defined WorkflowsVirtual CH2271901
1/10/2019How To Manage Your Online Reviews Before They Manage YouVirtual WIBRI0119
1/14/2019AIM Series Part 2 of 3: Document DesignerVirtual CH3191901
1/16/2019The Future of Work - Rethinking The Workforce - WAHVEVirtual WIWAH0119
2/5/20192018 Volunteer Development Follow Up WebinarVirtual WIVDP0219
2/5/2019SAVE THE DATE: ImageRight/WorkSmart Chapter MeetingVirtual CH3011902
2/6/2019BenefitPoint Firm Settings Part 1 of 4: Account SettingsVirtual WIEDU02191
2/13/2019AIM Series Part 3 of 3: Document Integration/WorkflowVirtual CH3191902
2/13/2019Making Download Work For You - Part 2Virtual WIEDU0213
2/20/2019Chapter Leader One Voice CallVirtual WIOVC0220
2/20/2019BenefitPoint Firm Settings Part 2 of 4: Plan SettingsVirtual WIEDU02192
2/21/2019SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Accounting Chapter MeetingVirtual CH3031902
2/22/2019SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Chapter MeetingEaganMNCH2071902
3/6/2019BenefitPoint Firm Settings Part 3 of 4: Activity Log SettingVirtual WIEDU03193
3/19/2019SAVE THE DATE: Sagitta AccountingVirtual CH0001903
3/20/2019BenefitPoint Firm Settings Part 4 of 4: RTM SettingsVirtual WIEDU03194
4/2/20192018 Volunteer Development Follow Up WebinarVirtual WIVDP0419
4/26/2019SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Chapter MeetingEaganMNCH2071904
5/7/2019SAVE THE DATE: ImageRight/WorkSmart Chapter MeetingVirtual CH3011905
5/15/2019Chapter Leader One Voice CallVirtual WIOVC0515
8/21/2019Chapter Leader One Voice CallVirtual WIOVC0821

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