Account Manager Certification Program

NcAM - AMS360Get Started with NcAM today!

NetVU is pleased to announce the next phase of our NcAM certification program, the NetVU Certified Account Manager.  Starting in December 2016, this program will be available on-demand in a virtual environment.

How does an NcAM make a difference in your agency?  
As an owner or manager, you will soon realize the return on your investment. Certified Account Managers are recognized as experts in their field. The program is an intense immersion into AMS360 and Vertafore Agency Platform’s client service functions, as well as reporting and system settings. Graduates of this program have an expertise in the design and implementation of the system features that will assist your agency to full utilization.

The certification is designed for Account Managers, CSRs and others who have been using the client service features of AMS360 for a minimum of two years.

The NcAM – AMS360 is a three year certification. All certificate holders must re-certify every three years. For additional information, please visit the Recertification page on  Additional resources will be added frequently to help certificate holders stay current with the latest updates to AMS360 and Vertafore Agency Platform client service functions.

Benefits of NcAM include:  Access to a private, NcAM only community on NCOM. Members of this Community will serve as mentors and advisors to each other and have access to reference material and Best Practice Guides. Certified members will also be given special consideration when contacting Vertafore Support.

Certification Process Overview:
This blended program combines on-demand videos and self-study materials to provide you with a both a broad and deep learning experience.  As a special bonus for the first NetVU Members who sign up for the course, we will offer a series of Lunch & Learn live sessions moderated by current NcAM certificants on topics including:
Desktop Functions and Monitoring and Documenting your work
Managing Policies with Best Practices workflows using both carrier connectivity and manual methods
Integrated products such as PLRating, Submissions, ReferenceConnect, DocuSign and more
Customizing the desktop for efficient workflows

Most topics will be presented in a day-in-the-life format so that you learn in the context of the daily workflows.  Included in the program is a study of system features, functions and integrated products where they are most commonly used in the day-to-day servicing of agency clients.  Even if your agency hasn’t yet implemented all the products covered, you’ll learn when and how they are designed to be used.  These sessions will be recorded for viewing by future NcAM candidates.

Once you’ve completed your study and review of the material, an on-line exam gives you the opportunity to prove that you’ve mastered the AMS360 and Vertafore Agency Platform features and their use in agencies today.  You will join the ranks of other NcAM designees, and will be able to claim subject matter expert status!

Ready to begin?
For more details about the process of obtaining the NcAM-AMS360 designation, go to this NetVU University course to register and get specifics on the material that will be offered.  First time to visit NetVU University?  View this quick How-To Video on NCOM for all you need to know to access this valuable resource.