NetVU Certified Insurance Accounting Designation (NcIA)

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NetVU is pleased to offer the NetVU Certified Insurance Accounting-AMS360 Designation (NcIA). This course is offered as a blended learning experience, featuring recorded webinars, quizzes, lectures and specially prepared Study Guides that cover all aspects of AMS360 accounting, including agency setups.

How does an NcIA make a difference in your agency? 
Insurance Accounting certificate holders are recognized as experts in their field. The program is an intense immersion into AMS360, as well as the latest technology. Graduates of this program have an expertise in the design and implementation of the system features that will assist your agency to full utilization and customization of the accounting functions of AMS360. 

The certification is designed for agency personnel with a minimum of two years accounting experience and two years experience with the accounting functions of AMS360 or AfW. The NcIA – AMS360 is a three year certification. All certification holders must recertify every three years. 

How do I obtain the certification?

Step 1: Purchase the NcIA Learning Package on this page. This package contains:

  • a set of ten prerequisite webinars and quizzes that will level-set your knowledge on accounting topics
  • recorded lectures on many of the most used accounting features of AMS360
  • a comprehensive Study Guide.

Step 2: Complete the prerequisites:

  • Pass at least 7 Prerequisite Material Quizzes. "How To Engage Vertafore Support" is required; you may choose from 9 other prerequisite webinars for the other 6 to complete this requirement
  • Pass the NcIA Practice Test (information found in the Testing FAQ). You may take the Practice Test as many times as necessary to achieve a passing score of 70%, and you may take the Practice Test multiple times to aid in your study. You must successfully achieve a 70% passing grade prior to moving on to the Final Exam.

Step 3: Test – See the Testing FAQ for information on the testing website. You must successfully pass a comprehensive test within a 3 hour time limit. Testing will be based on information in the study guide, prerequisites, and the recorded lectures. The test is open book and virtual (completed via your home or office computer). The exam is available on-demand once the Prerequisites are completed, and will be available for 90 days from that date. See the Test FAQs for other requirements and restrictions.

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