Tips and Tricks from NCOM

Certificate Holders Report - Multiple Master Certs

I've been having to pull separate reports in AMS360 for every master certificate in order to get a picture of all holders. Is there a better way?


— Heather Verdui

 Axis Insurance Services LLC

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Cancellation Report in My Agency Reports

Is this report only intended to pull those Cancelled transactions? Do you have your CSRs still enter a Cancellation Confirmation transaction on those policies that cancel on expiration date?


 Sara Sattler

Keller Leopold Insurance
Norton, KS

Modifying Proposals in ImageRight or Sagitta

After creating our proposals in Sagitta we normally modify the AMS Word document which could then also be retrieved via Sagitta and file that proposal in ImageRight. How do you ensure you're pulling up the latest proposal?


— Jennifer Hill

Harmon Dennis Bradshaw Insurance Inc.

Montgomery, AL