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August 2019 | Newsflash

In this month's Newsflash, you'll learn about business partners, APIs, ways to increase your work efficiency and more in this publication of the NetVU Newslfash.

July 2019 | Newsflash

Collaboration. Members helping members. That is what drives our team to provide unforgettable experiences for all of you. Based upon your feedback we’re focused on improving how we communicate with our members.

June 2019 | Newsflash

In a word, “Wow!” Thank you to the thousands of insurance professionals who attended Accelerate, powered by NetVU, held recently in Cincinnati. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. And it shows once again that connecting with each other in pe

May 2019 | Newsflash

Getting to Know Linda Dodson | Linda Dodson, NetVU’s new executive director, is no stranger to NetVU. She’s had extensive experience in the independent agency channel and has worked for several major carriers. She’s been active in many industry group

April 2019 | Newsflash

Spring has sprung, and excitement builds as Accelerate, powered by NetVU approaches. If you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for? The education, the networking, the Exhibit Hall … there’s so much to look forward to! Take your firm to the next

March 2019 | Newsflash

ImageRight Work Group Paves Way for Enhancements This is the third in our series on Ideas, the NetVU collaboration tool that lets users suggest and vote on enhancements to Vertafore products. The NetVU ImageRight Work Group is tasked with processi

February 2019 | Newsflash

NetVU February Chairman’s Update from Mike Foy: Because communication is key to our mutual success, in 2019 your board will update you quarterly on NetVU priorities, promises and successes. First, a search committee has been formed to identify the ne

January 2019 | Newsflash

Ideas: Working Together to Enhance the User Experience: Advocating on behalf of all Vertafore users has been a pillar of NetVU’s mission since its founding in 1978. More recently . . .

November 2018 | NetVU Newsflash

A Brand is More Than a Logo: When it comes to brands, we usually think of consumer goods: from electronics to craft beer to outerwear. They’re an indispensable part of our life. Our parents used to call them “household names.” But a “brand” doesn’t h

December 2018 | Newsflash

Get Ready for an Amazing Accelerate, Powered by NetVU! Connect with your peers, Vertafore and the industry at Accelerate, powered by NetVU, May 21–23, in Cincinnati. It’s where you’ll

October 2018 | Newsflash

- Credential Management Crisis: What You Can Do Now - Growing Future Leaders: Volunteer Development Program Begins Second Year - Art's Role in Aging Well - Agents, Carriers Need to Work Together to Improve Data Analytics - Tips & Tricks from the

September 2018 | Newsflash

- ImageRight NetVU Chapter & BenefitPoint Users Group Are 2018 Winners - You & Your Agency Must Address Credential Management Now - The Case for Unretirement - Getting Data Right for the Greater Good of the Industry - Insurance Website Designer B

August 2018 | Newsflash

Newsflash - NetVU's monthly Newsletter

July 2018 | Newsflash

Newsflash - NetVU's monthly Newsletter

June 2018 | Newsflash

Everything you need to know about Accelerate.

May 2018 | Newsflash

May 2018 edition of NetVU's monthly newsletter, Newsflash.

April 2018 | Newsflash

Read about how volunteer power strengthens Accelerate, discover who the real Millennials are, learn about Accelerate keynote speaker, Jason Dorsey and more.

March 2018 | Newsflash

Newsflash: Hear from Brent Rineck about leadership, learn about IRS email scams, discover new Education at Accelerate, and more.

February 2018 | Newsflash

Newsflash: NetVU Redesigns Newsflash, Knowledge Newsletters, Has BitCoin Become Mainstream, The Best Kind of Thank You: NetVUChapter Awards Program Opens, and more

January 2018 | Newsflash

News Flash: Virtual meetings you shouldn't miss, cyber security tips and trends in 2017, enhancements for CipherPost Pro, and more.

December 2017 | Newsflash

News Flash: Virtual meetings you shouldn't miss, cyber security tips and trends in 2017, enhancements for CipherPost Pro, and more.

November 2017 | Newsflash

NetVU Partners, Virtual Meetings, IVANS Article, AppRiver Article, Accelerate, Powered by NetVU

October 2017 | Newsflash

Accelerate, powered by NetVU, registration now open, conference, Smart IT, WAHVE, AppRiver, Imperial PFS, Virtual Meetings

September 2017 | Newsflash

Member Newsletter Survey, Angela Adams Partner, IVANS Partner Article, AppRiver Partner Article, NetVU Chapter and Education Events

August 2017 | Newsflash

August 2017 | Newsflash

July 2017 | Newsflash

July 2017 | Newsflash

May 2017 | Newsflash

May 2017 | Newsflash

April 2017 | Newsflash

NetVU17, conference, IDR, Vertafore, CEO, Amy Zupon, WAHVE, NCOM

February 2017 | Newsflash

February 2017 | Newsflash

January 2017 | Newsflash

January 2017 | Newsflash

December 2016 | Newsflash

December 2016 | Newsflash

November 2016 | Newsflash

November 2016 | Newsflash

October 2016 | Newsflash

October 2016 | Newsflash

August 2016 | Newsflash

August 2016 | Newsflash

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Upcoming Education

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2/26/2020NetVU New Member OrientationWIEDU0220
3/11/2020Move Your Mission Forward with Succession PlanningWIOMN0320

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

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2/25/2020AMS360: RiskMatch and End-of-Year AccountingCH2442002
3/10/2020BenefitPoint: Accelerate Preview + Open DiscussionCH2742003