Begin DateTitleCityState Province
8/18/2020AMS116:Use Activities and Suspense To Serve Client NeedsVirtual WIAMS1162
8/18/2020BEN111: Efficiency Gains Using E-stmts & Revenue VarianceVirtual WIBEN111
8/18/2020Small Agencies Round Table #4Virtual WIEDU08201
8/18/2020PLR101: PL Rating – What’s New and Where We Are HeadedVirtual WIPLR101
8/19/2020Chapter Leader One Voice CallVirtual WIOVC0820
8/19/2020BUS126-The Importance of Empathy in Client RelationshipsVirtual WIBUS126
8/19/2020Mid-Sized Agencies Round Table #3Virtual WIEDU0820
8/19/2020RMA102-Help Clients & Optimize Carrier/Interm RelationshipsVirtual WIRMA102
8/20/2020REF101: ReferenceConnect Ask the ExpertsVirtual WIREF101
8/20/2020SAG127-Detailed Financial TrackingVirtual WISAG127
8/20/2020IRW104-Game-Changers: OCR, Redaction and Full-Text Search?Virtual WIIRW104
8/20/2020BEN112: Workflow field of dreams: we built it, come use itVirtual WIBEN112
8/20/2020AMS128:DB-Love It or Hate It, There Is A Right Way PART 2Virtual WIAMS128
8/25/2020AMS111:Stop Missing Changes/Notices - Alerts Are The AnswerVirtual WIAMS111
8/25/2020BUS124: The Impact of Data Science on your Life and BusinesVirtual WIBUS124
8/25/2020TNW101: Managing Your Carrier Credentials More EfficientlyVirtual WITNW101
8/25/2020RMA101-Develop a Secret Weapon Using Data for Cross-SellingVirtual WIRMA101
8/26/2020SAG128-Proposal Builder Is Here!Virtual WISAG128
8/27/2020SAG126-Outlook Management Tips & TricksVirtual WISAG126
8/27/2020PLR102: Consumer Quoting-Reach More Prospects and CustomersVirtual WIPLR102
8/27/2020BEN113: Making BenefitPoint Work for YouVirtual WIBEN113
9/1/2020Sagitta: Conversation with Vertafore CEO Amy ZuponVirtual CH2660920
9/8/2020SAVE THE DATE: BenefitPoint Chapter MeetingVirtual CH2742009
9/9/2020A Customer Focused Approach in P&CVirtual WIIVA0920
9/9/2020Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2009
9/15/2020SAVE THE DATE: The Kotter GroupVirtual WIKOT0920
9/15/2020NcSA-Sagitta Certification Immersion CourseIrvingTXWIEDU0920
9/15/2020Small Agencies Round Table #5Virtual WIEDU09201
9/23/2020Employee Evolution: Recruiting to Retaining Your WorkforceVirtual WIOMN0920
9/24/2020SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Chapter MeetingSeattleWACH3202009
9/29/2020NetVU New Member OrientationVirtual WIEDU09202
9/30/2020SAVE THE DATE: ExdionVirtual WIEXD0920
10/9/2020AMS360: Florida DownloadVirtual CH2532010
10/14/2020Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2010
11/3/2020SAVE THE DATE: ImageRight/WorkSmart Chapter MeetingVirtual CH3012011
11/10/2020SAVE THE DATE: The Kotter GroupVirtual WIKOT1120
11/11/2020Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU20111
11/12/2020SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Chapter MeetingDenverCOCH2452011
11/17/2020SAVE THE DATE: BenefitPoint Chapter MeetingVirtual CH2742011
11/18/2020Chapter Leader One Voice CallVirtual WIOVC1120
12/9/2020Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2012
1/13/2021Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2101
2/10/2021Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2102
3/10/2021Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2103
4/14/2021Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2104
5/19/2021Accelerate, Powered by NetVU 2021DenverCONC2021
10/23/2021SAVE THE DATE: AMS360 Chapter MeetingNewportRICH2322110
5/4/2022Accelerate, Powered by NetVU 2022New OrleansLANC2022
5/5/2023Accelerate, Powered by NetVU 2023AustinTXNC2023