"Decide what you're going to be, and be it."

Author: Lexie Anderson | Posted: 6/2/2021

Cassidy Smirnow joined Vertafore four years ago and is currently the Chief Revenue Officer and also serves as the Vertafore Executive Sponsor on the NetVU Board of Directors. Cassidy grew up in the Washington, D.C. area but has lived in and around Denver, Colorado for the last twenty years. Cassidy is an avid outdoorsman, keeping busy and active with her two Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland mixes, and two horses.  Anything she can do in the mountains is up her alley. Skiing, mountain biking, and camping are among some of her favorite outdoor activities. Married to a musician, Cassidy embraces the bluegrass, americana music scene. 

When Cassidy joined Vertafore, she implemented a substantial relationship change between Vertafore and NetVU. What was initially a sales role position, was now going to become a communications position and that someone in the position would be Cassidy. Cassidy is passionate about growing the relationship between Vertafore and NetVU and by serving on the NetVU board the relationship has grown exponentially. 

One of Cassidy’s favorite things about Vertafore is the opportunity to be involved with the NetVU Community (NCOM). Cassidy realized early on that the more she was involved in the relationship between NetVU and Vertafore, the easier it is for her to help her customers be more engaged, and in turn be more successful with their Vertafore products. “If you’re a member, and you’re active, and you are part of the NetVU Community, you are going to get more out of your software. It’s a proven thing.” This is evident within the NetVU Community daily where one sees how active members are getting answers to their questions and finding tips and tricks to their software that they didn’t even know they needed. 

Cassidy wants members and customers to know it’s free to start your journey with NetVU and it is such an incredible way to grow your career. Networking within NetVU is inevitable if you are just simply involved and active. It is the best place to meet people who can help you, find a mentor or become a mentor yourself. Cassidy’s best piece of advice to those new to the industry is just to simply get out there and get involved. Go to Accelerate, powered by NetVU, and be an active member in the NetVU Community. Her favorite quote is from the Avett Brothers Band and wraps up her advice perfectly; “Decide what you’re going to be, and be it.” Don’t be afraid to try something new, empower yourself, and always be eager to learn.