Flexible and Convenient Course for Employees

NetVU Certifications provide you with in-depth knowledge of your system and give you the tools you need to become successful in your agency. In order to continue your success and growth, all Certification holders must recertify once every three years.  The certification process is simple and the goal is to ensure you are taking steps to continue your education well after you completed your course. 

Recertification Process

To recertify, the Certification Holders or Recipients must submit the Recertification Form along with the $50 fee prior to 3rd anniversary date. If the recertification form is not complete by the 3rd anniversary date:

  • Anniversary date to 6 months, the fee is $200
  • 6 months to 1 year - $400
  • Over 1 year – the certification is void and testing will be required to recertify.

Mail form and payment to:

ATTN: Certification Department
3900 Teleport Blvd #141029
PO BOX 141029

Irving, TX 75014

After successful completion, you will receive an updated certificate via mail

Please note that Vertafore Staff Certification holders do NOT need to submit payment, but are required to complete the Recertification form.

NetVU Recertification Guidelines

Professional development is required for NetVU Certification Holders or Recipients to remain current in the field and to enhance their continued education. To fulfill this requirement, NetVU Certification Holders or Recipients must accumulate 30 NetVU Recertification points during each three year recertification period in order to maintain their NetVU Certification designation. NetVU Recertification points are earned in the following approved categories as outlined below:


Maximum Allowable Points 

Continuing Education – System Specific


Continuing Education - Other


Speaking and Instructing


Leadership and Recognition


Webinar – How to Engage Vertafore Support



Continuing Education-System Specific

30 point maximum per three year cycle

One point is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education as outlined below Examples of eligible activities:

  • Attending NetVU Conference and PowerUsers
  • Attending Local Chapter meetings
  • Attending e-learning sessions that are system specific from NetVU University, Vertafore University or Virtual Chapter Meetings

Continuing Education-Other

10 point maximum per three year cycle

  • Attending insurance or technology related events

Speaking and Instructing

30 point maximum per three year cycle

NetVU Recertification points are awarded per hour. Points are earned for speaking or instructing at NetVU Conference, PowerUsers Conference, Certifications, Chapter meetings or e-learning recorded webinars. Points can also be earned for development work. For every hour of delivery, the individual receives an hour of development time. For example, if an individual presents for an hour and spends two hours in development, the individual receives a total of 2 points. Points are awarded the first time the presentation is made and may not earn additional points for repeated presentations.

  • NOTE: Panel members and round table facilitators are not eligible for points

Leadership and Recognition 

20 point maximum per three year cycle

NetVU Recertification points are not assigned per hour. Rather, point values are specified. This category recognizes the importance of giving back to the industry and to the professional community by volunteering and leadership. Points are awarded to Certification Holders or Recipients who support the profession outside their full time job.




NetVU Officer, National

NetVU Board Member


NetVU Certification Program Educator

Certification Immersion Class Educators


NetVU National Committee Chair

  • Education Committee Chair
  • R&D Committee Chair
  • Other NetVU Committee Chair


NetVU Committee Member, National

  • Education Committee Member
  • R&D Committee Member
  • Other NetVU Committee Member


NetVU Chapter Leader
(Chapter must be in good standing)


  • NetVU Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Other NetVU Chapter officer level positions as deemed appropriate



NetVU Conference Volunteer


  • Ambassador Program
  • Directional/Seating Assistance, First-Timers Booth, Registration


Other NetVU Certification or NetVU Related Support Activities

  •  Must be pre-approved by NetVU

Assigned at   time of approval