Staff Directory

Our small staff at NetVU is passionate and dedicated to our members. They work closely with the NetVU members and volunteers on our Executive Board and Vertafore leadership to advance member causes, organize events and improve member education and experiences. Our passionate staff is ready to give you a helping hand.

Executive Director
[email protected]
Jon oversees our strategic direction, operations and staffing. He has served in leadership, strategy development and communications roles in financial services, insurance associations, education and mass media. Jon works closely with the Executive Board of Directors and is passionate about elevating NetVU to new levels of engagement and user experience for the benefit of its members.

Member and Partner Experience Team

Melissa M. Bond
Member Relations Director
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Member engagement has been Melissa’s passion since 1998. She welcomes new members, recruits and coordinates volunteers, assists partners and sponsors, and helps with conference exhibits.
Lynn Albertson
Business Development Manager
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Lynn coordinates logistics and deliverables for NetVU corporate partners, event sponsors and exhibitors. Ask Lynn about partnership offerings!
Brittany S. Aman
Community & Connections Manager
(972) 409-6201
[email protected]
Brittany supports the execution of community initiatives. She is also responsible for the NetVU Community (NCOM), our online member forum.
Karen Moore
Member Experience Manager
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Karen enthusiastically connects members to resources through our onboarding program. She is passionate about meeting members needs and creating a great experience. Connect with Karen to get started!
Dianne Merfeld
Member Services Specialist
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Dianne greets callers, maintains our membership database, and helps with event registrations. Need to update or add your NetVU profile? Dianne will help.
Mackenzie Winn
Volunteer Development Coordinator
469.284.8404  Ext 223
[email protected]
As Volunteer Development Coordinator, Mackenzie is responsible for overseeing NetVU's volunteer programs including recruitment, placement, and recognition. She also manages volunteer initiatives at NetVU events throughout the year.

Events Team

Ellen Mitchell
Events and Operations Director
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Ellen, our dynamic Events and Operations Director, adeptly leads a versatile team in orchestrating exceptional events—both virtual and in-person—infusing strategic alignment, creativity, and consistent excellence into every project.
Kristine Serbus
Events Coordinator
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Kris provides logistical and administrative support for successful execution of meetings and events.
Jeffrey Etzkin
Conference Coordinator
(703) 801-8931
[email protected]
From contracts to conference calls, Jeff lends his years of insurance events expertise with a dash of humor.

Learning Experiences Team

Debbie Ivie, CPCU, AIM, NcIA, CLP
Learning Experiences Director
(972) 409-6209
[email protected]
Leveraging 25-plus years in the independent agency channel, Debbie directs and develops our education programs in concert with our education committees.
Alyssia Dugas
Learning Resources Manager
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
With an extensive background in onboarding and educating adult colleagues, Alyssia works with NetVU staff and volunteers to coordinate and execute a variety of learning opportunities.

Marketing Team

David Waite
Marketing & Communications Manager
(972) 409-6216
[email protected]
As Marketing & Communications Manager, David works to curate the execution of marketing and communication initiatives, help grow participation and support for our members.
Reagan Zarras
Marketing Specialist
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Reagan supports all marketing and communication efforts. She enjoys working to create engaging content for our members.

Support Team

Lance Stanton
Database Administrator
(972) 409-6200
[email protected]
Lance keeps us functional and assists in managing our IT support staff. He develops and maintains reports and automated jobs to help drive business intelligence. Oversees database development, data standards, documentation, security, and authorization procedures.