Keeping An Open Mind

By Lexie Anderson | Posted: 11/2/2020

Throughout the Meet the Board series you have met three of NetVU’s board of directors, Jessica Jeffress, Dean Giem and Michelle Hoffert. November is all about Board Member at Large, Jim Dahoney. Jim is SVP, Chief Information Officer and Director of Strategic Acquisitions at Marshall & Sterling, Inc. in Poughkeepsie, NY. He lives in Lakeville, CT with his wife, three daughters and three dogs.

Jim was vying for a position in finance when he actually launched his career in the insurance industry. A part-time job in college where he rated policies by hand gradually turned into a full time CSR position, leading next to becoming an Account Manager and a Producer. 33 years later, not only successful in the insurance industry, Jim is on NetVU’s board of directors. Jim’s advice to young people is something he embodies himself, “keep an open mind when you first start, it may seem dull at first glance, but it can be a very rewarding career.”

Jim discovered NetVU when his agency was reviewing multiple agency management systems to implement. Ultimately, his agency selected a Vertafore product after speaking with multiple members of the NetVU team and board. He was "blown away" by the honest conversations that ensued with the entire NetVU community of members. Jim’s agency not only utilizes AMS360, BenefitPoint, ImageRight, and PL Rating, but also avails itself to NetVU's Corporate Partners.

Jim comes from a family of nine siblings so joining NetVU’s board of directors and fostering a collaborative and community environment was natural. The collaborative experience is just one of the aspects Jim enjoys most about NetVU. He stresses how important networking is via the NetVU Community, online webinars, and at Accelerate. "NetVU offers a chance to communicate with people who are willing and want to share their knowledge and their perspectives on all aspects of the insurance industry." Jim takes advantage of these platforms time and time again and encourages others to do the same.

Jim wants people to know NetVU “thrives through volunteers giving selflessly of their time to help other users. What you give, you get back many times over.” NetVU is a true community who relies on our members who are willing to share their knowledge and give back to the industry that they love. Jim encourages members to ask questions on the NetVU Community, because you will definitely gain so many different and new perspectives - all helping you utilize your Vertafore products.

When Jim isn’t working or serving on NetVU’s board of directors, he is busy spending time with family and being outdoors. One of Jim's quarantine projects was to build an off the grid tiny home. If you don’t know what a tiny home is, check out Jim's pictures below. Better yet, tag him on a message in NCOM and have him show you himself!

You can find Jim and say hello on the NetVU Community.