Read About NCOM MVP's While Sipping Coffee
By: Liz Leger | September 30, 2020

Did you accept our Social September Challenge?
We asked you to get social & connect with our NetVU Community and social channels. Throughout the month, we provided tips, tricks, and information to encourage both new and renewed knowledge for utilizing NetVU’s online community to its fullest.

The NetVU Community, our online member discussion forum, provides a central place for you to ask questions and seek solutions from your peers using Vertafore technology solutions.  

NetVU is thrilled to recognize and congratulate 30 NetVU members who are certifiably NCOM MVPs. These members are the most active in NetVU’s online community continually willing to share insights in the HUB while also updating and adding contacts, keeping their profile current and adding a picture or avatar. But that’s not all - our MVP’s actively participate by asking and posing questions, providing answers and commentary in their own product communities. It’s building connections, education, and solutions all within the NetVU community. “It’s sharing what you know at its best”, says Russ Turrentine, Vice President, Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc., who has many tricks and here’s one…

"When posting - consider including your management system, version numbers, number of agency users, and in-house/online information as it helps when trying to answer a question that has been recently updated in a newer version.”

Cathy Hall, CPRM, CIC, AAI, AIM, Vice President, Forest Agency Insurance, contributes Whenever I can’t figure out how to do something, I post a question on NCOM. I always get an answer, and many times you get multiple answers.”

And validation comes in the sincerest, most unexpected ways since “I try to give back as much as I get, and several weeks ago I received the nicest thank you note from someone I had helped. It’s nice to know that I made someone’s life a little easier.”

What does it take to be a NetVU Community MVP? You will be happy you inquired because NetVU asked our MVP’s if they would treat us to their favorite Tips & Tricks. Thanks to our MVP’s for so many great ideas we are going to continue to feature Tips & Tricks in upcoming Newsflash issues.

“My first tip would be to sign up for the daily digests for every product you use and scan them every morning. It’s great reading while coffee sipping, and I cannot tell you how many times someone will ask a question about a feature/technique I’ve never heard of. When I see those kinds of things, I immediately tune in to follow that thread, taking the necessary steps to use that new feature/technique in my office” shares Amanda Adams, Training and Automation Coordinator, Connell Insurance.

Some tips are just simple timesavers says Jenny Welk, IT Support for Erickson Larsen Inc., “to join a Community, under the Participate Menu, select Join a Community. All the Communities available for you to join will be listed here with the blue Join button. This makes it easier to see what Communities are available for you to join. The Communities that you have already joined will not be listed.”

Ben Lynds, NcSA, Vice President, Information Systems, F.A. Peabody Co. elaborates “If you are having a problem, or trouble doing something, it is very likely others have had this problem and are willing to share with you how they have solved the issue.  That is what is so great about NetVU Communities, people you may not know (yet) are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise freely.”

As a benefit of using Vertafore technology solutions in your firm, Vertafore customers are NetVU members at no cost.  NetVU connects you with Vertafore users to share experiences, workplace needs, and professional goals.

Nancy Sheinberg, CIC, ARM, Vice President, Franklin Street wants to remind members that “using Activity Grouping helps keep activities organized and assists users review a thread. It allows the user to group different activities together under one ‘folder’ allowing a better understanding of what has transpired. For example, one way we use it for inspection recommendations documents that go from carrier to client and all the correspondence in between.”

Congratulations to these NCOM MVPs, and thank you for your continued support of your fellow NetVU members and getting involved with NetVU.

NetVU Community MVP’s

Amanda Adams      Connell Insurance, Inc.
Kelly Coors            CAI Insurance Agency
Kathy Damboise    Foy Insurance Group
Caitlin Earle           Melcher & Prescott
Cathy Hall             Forest Agency Insurance
Debby Harrison      Dempsey & Siders Agency, Inc
Rick Heerspink       Rice Insurance, LLC
Cyndi Kirk             White Hills Plaza dba K & S Insurance Agency
Shaun Kuffell         AssuredPartners of Minnesota
Craig Kutchmanich Price Insurance Agency
Shyla Lankford      Lipscomb & Associates
Ben Lynds             F.A. Peabody Company
Luke Maki             Security First Insurance Agency
April Massey          Catto & Catto Insurance
Susan McClure       Sterling Seacrest Partners
James McMahon     United Agencies Inc.
Eli Pollack             The Wilhelm Agency, Inc.
Rachel Porter         MOC Insurance Services
Autumn Quinte      Allen Financial Insurance Group
Kathryn Robertson Don Bullard Insurance
Angie Sanabria      Leeds & York
Matt Shannahan     Clinton Polley Group, Inc.
Nancy Sheinberg    Franklin Street Financial Partners
Tracy Steiner         Querbes & Nelson
Diane Tait             A & B Agency
Russ Turrentine     Turrentine Insurance Agency
Liz Walker             Dabdoub Insurance
Heather Wargo      Marshall & Sterling, Inc.
Tracey Weber        Huntington Insurance, Inc.
Jenny Welk           Erickson Larsen, Inc.