The Only Way to Learn is to Ask

By Lexie Anderson | Posted: 3/2/2021

Our March Meet the Board series features none other than Ex-Officio, Joe Clabaugh. Joe is a service manager at The Cincinnati Insurance Company, who has over five thousand employees. They use Vertafore technology such as TransactNOW and Sircon. Joe has been with The Cincinnati Insurance Company for 32 years, this is quite an accomplishment and we commend Joe for his tireless contributions to the industry and support of NetVU. He initially got involved with NetVU back in 1994 when he attended his first Accelerate to learn more about Vertafore’s agency management software. From there Joe and his team started exhibiting at the annual conference to reach more of the agencies they were serving. Joe is a tireless fan of The Ohio State University, so next time you see him be sure to shout O-H, and just wait for that classic response I-O!

Prior to insurance, Joe worked in banking for nine years. A little known fact, initially Joe wanted to be an anesthesiologist. Nevertheless, Joe found his way to insurance and eventually onto the NetVU Board of Directors. During his time on the board Joe challenged himself to learn as much as he could about NetVU - the ins and outs of how NetVU runs, improvements that could be made and where value could be added for our membership. Joe made his way through the chairs over the years, ultimately landing in the role of Chairman of the Board. Now as Ex-Officio Joe continues to serve NetVU membership on the Board of Directors and Conference Steering Committee.

Joe’s number one tip is to utilize the NetVU Community (NCOM) regularly. NCOM provides answers to any questions you have regarding Vertafore products, NetVU Corporate Partner webinars and offerings, as well as NetVU Chapters and Communities. All it takes is a simple search and browse to find the help and answers you are looking for from your fellow members. NetVU members are always willing and wanting to help. 

Joe’s advice to anyone involved in the industry is to ask those questions you may have. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone was new to the insurance industry at some point in time…the only way to learn is to ask.” We have all been there, where we are afraid of making mistakes, or to ask questions, but we are not sure if we should look to someone for advice or help. No one should be afraid to make mistakes, they are opportunities for learning and growth. NCOM is the best place to find knowledge on your Vertafore systems, and product specific topics. You will find tips, tricks, and easier or faster ways of doing things. In asking for help, you will receive advice and best practices to using your Vertafore systems. 

It is a rare moment, when Joe is not busy working, or on calls with the NetVU Board of Directors and Staff, he enjoys spending time outdoors. Specifically, he enjoys doing yard work, baking chocolate chip cookies for NetVU Board Meetings, spending time by the pool in the summer and taking walks with his dog Lottie, commonly referred to as “Dirtball”.

You can find Joe and say hello on the NetVU Community.