5 Components to Enabling a Remote Workforce

By Sheila Carpenter, CIO, ZIX I AppRiver | Posted: 1/12/2021

Had you asked nine months ago what predictions were made for 2020, moving the entire company to a remote workforce would not have been on the list. Fast forward to today, leadership, management, employees, customers and partners have adopted this new normal, and have been operating remote for the majority of the year. 

Aside from the stress that comes from a global pandemic, employees have to find ways to remain productive while keeping children home from school, and possibly taking care of high-risk family members. While communication is the essential tool to thriving in this environment, there are five key components necessary to enabling a remote workforce. 

1.  Focus on the People 
It’s important as a company to have empathy, offer flexibility, and seek feedback, letting employees know that leadership is available to help any way they can. 

2. Enabling Employees 
Ensure business continuity by providing security awareness training, and making sure all machines are equipped with email security, encryption, archiving, and backups to prevent against spam.

3. A Productive Workforce 
Maintain sense of calm and provide communication and instructions to assist the transition. Be available, flexible, and supportive and open to input from employees, customers, and partners.

4. A Secure Workforce in the Cloud
According to Sans Security Awareness fact sheet, you are the first and best line of defense. Secure your home network by having a strong admin password, only allow people you trust on your network, and don’t allow children or guests to use your work devices. 

5. A Collaborative Workforce
Embrace video conference meetings, having face-to-face time helps keep the human feel that the office offers. Microsoft offers several tips for both employers and employees such as maintaining health boundaries and being mindful and inclusive. 

Moving the entire workforce to a remote workforce was made easy for AppRiver because of the early adoption of the cloud as well as having a crisis plan in place. 

Cambron Askew has been an AppRiver agent since 2019, and has seen firsthand the benefits of transitioning to the cloud. “AppRiver has been a key component in my company’s overall success. We took our first client over to AppRiver Hosted Exchange about two years ago, and their products have allowed me to have confidence that my customers will be able to get to work every day without any issues” says Askew.  

Having software with built-in security by design creates the framework needed for securing remote team members. 

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