NetVU Educator's Presentation Guild, 2017 Edition

The Guild is an elite certification for speakers and presenters for NetVU events; membership has distinct advantages for you as a NetVU presenter, but can also improve your skills for other parts of your career.  Hear from industry veteran Rita Hollada how to be well-prepared and well-received when you speak to an audience - whether that is a group of coworkers learning a new system feature from you, or an auditorium full of industry peers assembled to hear from you about the future of insurance.  Get practical tips on familiarizing yourself with the meeting space, preparing a winning visual presentation, working with challenging attendees, body language, connecting with audience members and handling unexpected circumstances.  Completing the NetVU Guild program will equip you with the tools you need to effectively communicate on a variety of levels to all kinds of audiences.  Guild membership tells your NetVU peers that you are well prepared to present and will be an asset to any group you join.

What is required to become Certified? 
The requirements to obtain the Guild Certification include:

  • Watch a series of prerecorded webinars designed to give you a foundation in creating and delivering effective public presentations
  • Pass a multiple-choice/true-false examination
  • In order to assess your mastery of the Presentation Guild concepts, submit a 3-4 minute video (Smartphone video is acceptable!) of you presenting a topic that you created, along with a written presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation tool) slide deck you prepared for the event. This presentation could be done for your Chapter, for a group in your company, at an industry event – the only requirement is that it be a professional setting with an audience. Part 3 of the webinar series includes a homework assignment to create just such a presentation.  Feel free to use this material as your submission.  The video and presentation will be reviewed by a team of current Guild Members and evaluated against established standards. You will receive a copy of the evaluation, along with feedback from the reviewers.
Upon successful completion of these requirements, you will become a certified NetVU Educator’s Presentation Guild member. This designation is granted for a period of three years. See the FAQ in this course for information on maintaining your Guild membership.  Recertification Form can be found here.

The Guild material is presented in five parts:
  • Part 1 – Preparation: Location and Logistics
  • Part 2 – Preparation: The Tools and the Presenter
  • Part 3 – The Presentation: Organizing the Content
  • Part 4 – The Presentation: Delivering the Message
  • Part 5 – Challengers and Challenge

 To access the Guild components and find out more, go to NetVU Educator’s Presentation Guild course in NetVU University and register today.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO Guild members certified prior to 6-1-2017
This course material has been completely updated and will be valuable even for current Guild Members.  We’d encourage you to review the material as a refresher, and so that you can encourage others to pursue Guild Certification for themselves by sharing your experience.  If you have any questions about your Guild Membership expiration date, please contact us at [email protected].

➢ Certified Prior to 1-1-2013
If you choose to continue your Guild membership, you may recertify by submitting a video and the recertification form to [email protected] not later than December 31, 2017.  This offer is extended regardless of your current expiration date, which could range from mid-2016 thru the end of 2017.After that date, you will be required to complete the full program to be certified.

Once you have recertified under the new program, future recertification follows the requirements listed above for those certifying in 2017 and beyond.

➢ Certified After 1-1-2013
Your current Guild Membership expiration date is 5 years from the date you were originally recognized as a Guild Member.  In order to maintain Guild Membership, you will be required to follow the current recertification guidelines, and your recertification will be good for a 3-year period for each certification going forward.

"Presentation skills are used every day in speaking with clients the skills, advice and pointers you get from any course (but also the Guild) are very helpful regardless if you are a first time speaker or a seasoned speaker."  

Joyce Sigler, Jones & Wenner 

"Even if you have been presenting at conference for years as I had, you WILL benefit from the information you take away from the Educators Guild program.  I incorporated several items into my day-to-day training and presentations and brought value back to my agency."  

Kathie Ryan, JW Terrill Inc.