Accounting Veteran Punches Her Ticket to Accelerate

Posted: 12/7/2021

Cindy Kennedy didn’t know what she was in for – yes, this was her first in-person chapter meeting since the pandemic so she knew it would feel a little different. But once she arrived at the New England chapter meeting with her mask on, she still recognized the familiar faces and settled into the socializing.

Then came the big surprise.

“We were sitting at our table during a break, just chatting away, when they said they were going to do a drawing to send someone to Accelerate,” says Kennedy. “When they announced, ‘The Roberts Agency’ I realized that was me because I was the only person from my agency in attendance.”

“I’ve never been to Accelerate so I’m really excited. This will be fantastic!”

Kennedy is treasurer and office manager at The Roberts Agency in Bloomfield, CT. Her manager, Laura Langan, is a co-owner whose father founded the agency 58 years ago.

“She was ecstatic,” says Langan. “You couldn’t have picked a more appropriate person. Cindy always loves to expand her knowledge and insight in ways that can help the agency.”

Kennedy will be the first person at her firm to attend Accelerate, so her coworkers are expecting her to bring back lots of stories, along with new information and tips.
“When I’ve attended chapter meetings or even virtual meetings, if I learn something that others can benefit from, I share it,” says Kennedy, who’s worked in Accounting at the agency for 16 years. 

The Roberts Agency uses AMS360, and Kennedy is excited to learn more about the system and how to get more from it.

“I’m expecting to get a lot out of the classes and networking, learning all the different aspects of AMS360. I figure I’m going to be overwhelmed with information, but that’s okay.” 

Kennedy is also involved in the firm’s IT system and says she wants to help her agency increase its utilization of AMS360 for other functions.

“AMS360 plays a big role in how we operate every day.” 

For this Accelerate first-timer there’s an added benefit of family. Her husband, John, has an aunt, uncle and cousin in nearby Loveland, CO so the couple plans to spend a long weekend with them before heading into Denver for the conference. 

“I was so excited that I immediately started looking at flights,” she says. “It’s aunt Donna’s birthday that Thursday, so this will be really special.”

Over the years Kennedy has come to realize that NetVU is also a family and looks forward to meeting others at Accelerate who have the same job title and responsibilities.

“I met a woman at the New England chapter meeting who will probably be at Accelerate, so we’ll try to connect. I’m looking forward to meeting many people.”

Kennedy is also looking forward to the NetVU Day of Caring to benefit the Food Bank of the Rockies. She’s no stranger to helping others, donating her time to do bookkeeping for the Children’s Theater Organization (CAST Inc.) in Manchester, CT. 

NetVU is made up of people like Cindy Kennedy, who have a passion for volunteering and serving others, whether it’s in a professional role or in the communities they inhabit. And that’s not lost on her boss Laura Langan, who knows Kennedy well and sees nothing but new opportunities springing from her attending Accelerate. 

“It’s a win-win. She’ll take it from A to Z and run with it.”