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Engage & Lead Your Organization

Engage & Lead Your Organization

This session is being rescheduled - stay tuned to our Ed Weekly for the new date.

This virtual session will provide a preview of NetVU’s Volunteer Development Program.

The NetVU Executive Board recognizes that NetVU members volunteer their time and talent in the spirit of service to others, and personal development is an added benefit to their service.  The backgrounds of our volunteers are diverse, and their skills are varied.  For NetVU to achieve its goals and reach its full potential, these volunteers must be well prepared to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the positions they hold and understand the relevance of their work to NetVU's overall success. 

By providing leadership training for our volunteers and staff, NetVU believes it creates opportunities for personal and professional growth that will attract members and provide a path for them to become engaged, enthusiastic volunteers with NetVU and the Community they work and live. 

During this special session, Dr. Mary Kelly will share 10 Ways to Engage & Lead Your Organization to Improve Efficiency & Profitability.  In addition to a sneak peek at NetVU’s new volunteer development program, Mary will share ways that you and your organization can benefit from the efforts of volunteers.

Join this session and invite someone who would benefit from expanding their leadership skills.  This is designed to build better leaders in your organization, community and the insurance industry. Leave this session feeling energized and ready to tackle efficiency roadblocks.

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