Chairman's Award

Chairman's Award(s) will be given by the current chairman of the board at conference for annual service to NetVU. A volunteer committee may give recommendations to the chairman; however, the chairman will issue the award. Awards have been issued to members, Vertafore employees, insurance carriers, such as those active in interface, and industry partners.

Past Recipients  

Rhys A. Ord and Gary Dempsey, 1997
CNA, The Hartford, Arbella Insurance Group, and Southgate Jones, Jr., 1999
Gene Connolly, Dr. Robert Anderson, and Todd B. West, 2000
Kathe Donlan, Sandy Darcy, and Mike Randles, 2001
Robert Schackner, 2002
Loren Parsons, 2003
Roxy Burinda, Vertafore Interface & Integration Solutions Group, 2004
Tammy Jacquin, AAI, 2005
Susan Hendricks, CIC, AAM, and Camille H. Zaffino, AAM, 2006
Michael J. Foy and Cindy J. Prud'homme, 2007
Kevin J. Dickmann and Kim Hartmann, 2008
Steven J. Aronson, CIC, Carolyn "Cal" Durland, CPCU, Linda E. Rollings, and Jeff Yates, 2009
Michael Foy, CIC, Michael R. Gray, and Joyce Sigler, CISR, CPIW, CPIA - 2010
Todd Doster, CISSP, MCSE, SSA and Kathie L. Ryan, AAI, CISR, AIS - 2011
Angela Adams - 2012
Chapter Leaders - 2013
Melissa Bond, Kathe Donlan, and Janie Ussery, ACSR, CISR - 2014
Debbie Ivie and Cyndy Smith - 2015
Andrew T. Fogarty, 2016
Jenny Petersen, 2017
Gary Bossert, 2018