Volunteer of the Year
Award in Memory of James M. Gibson

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented by NetVU to an individual who embodies the dedication and commitment it takes to represent NetVU’s mission. It is intended to recognize for providing outstanding volunteer service to NetVU and our community of members during the past year through leading by example and through results.

Regardless of the volunteer opportunity, such as leading an education track, Chapter participation, organizing PERS, or serving as a mentor, this person contributes their time and resources in support of a broader effort that has made a significant difference in their NetVU community.

  • Service and contribution to NetVU on an initiative/s within the last 12 months.
  • Works above and beyond the call of duty helping fellow NetVU Members.
  • Positive role model to members and the industry.
  • Demonstrates a high quality of work.
Current award committee members are not eligible for the award.  

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2022 NetVU Volunteer of the Year Award in Memory of Louie E. Woodbury Jr. Winner – Amanda Adams, Harmon Dennis Bradshaw Insurance

Pictured: Harmon Dennis Bradshaw Insurance CL & PL Dept. Mgr & Operations Analyst Amanda Adams

Pictured (L to R): NetVU Executive Director Jon Gorman, Volunteer of the Year Amanda Adams, NetVU Conference Steering Committee Chairman Jessica Jeffress

Past recipients: 

Chasity Devsurendra, 2021
Kate O'Toole, 2020
Jim Helton, 2019
Cathy Hall, 2018
Janet Tuttle, 2017
Stephen M. Moriyama, 2016
Whitney Malone, NcSA, 2015
Carl R. Schlotman, CPCU, CIC, 2014
Elaine Lewis, CPCU, AAI, 2013 
Ray C. Margeson, AAi, 2012 
Craig McDonald, 2011 
Kevin J. Dickmann, 2010 
Joyce Sigler, CISR, CPIW, CPIA, 2009 
Cindy J. Prud'homme, 2008 
Gary W. Williams, 2007
Michael J. Randles, 2006 
Lorraine J. Plezia and Cynthia L. Smith, 2005  
Debbie Miner, CPCU, AAM, CPIW, 2004     
Jean Murphey, 2003 
Kay Barrett, 2002 
Anthony Martone, 2001 
Camille Zaffino, 2000  
Gilda G. Sandsness, 1999 
Steve West-Rosenthal, 1997 
Deborah Miller, 1996  
Beverly J. Coats, 1995 
Margaret Taylor, 1994