Use your Vertafore products more efficiently with a NetVU Education Subscription

Posted: 7/6/2021

NetVU’s Education Resource Subscription gives NetVU members (Vertafore customers) access to knowledge and education that opens the door to help your organization fully utilize every function of your Vertafore system and reach your professional goals.

NetVU past Chairman and Conference Steering Committee chair, Jessica Jeffress shares, “NetVU is thrilled to announce Education subscriptions to provide all members access to the world-class education generally provided at Accelerate. My agency has had amazing success with the information we’ve gained through participation in Accelerate and I’m proud we can now share it with those who may not be able to travel.”

Subscriptions will run from the time you purchase through Tuesday, August 31.
$19.99 – Five or fewer employees
$34.99 – Six or more employees at your organization

Get your subscription now and beginning Monday, July 12 you can access to the session recordings from Accelerate in NetVU University.  

Most popular sessions available to subscribers only:
  • AIM Multi-Layer
  • AIM - All Things Doc Designer-Data Sets
  • AMS360 - Mastering MAR-Tips for Making The Most of My Agency Reports
  • AMS360 - 20R2 Feature Review
  • BenefitPoint - Best Practices for Plan Maintenance
  • BenefitPoint's Hidden Gems
  • InsurLink Panel:  Lessons Learned
  • InsurLink Roadmap Q&A
  • ImageRight 7 is Here
  • ImageRight - I Didn't Know That!  Tips Beyond Implementation
  • QQCatalyst - Email/Texting - How to communicate with your customers
  • RiskMatch - Admin Access and Overview, DQR reports
  • RiskMatch – Town Hall
  • Sagitta - Proposal Builder - Admin Setup
  • Sagitta - Proposal Builder Overview
  • All - Managing in a Hybrid Work Environment
  • All - Specific integrations with Automation tools and Carriers
  • All - Creating customers for life with a robust onboarding strategy
  • All - Aligning Staff to the Organization
  • All - Top Automations Every Agency Should Use
  • All - 8 Must-Have Features for Insurance Agency Websites
  • All - Live Chat, your CSRs best friend
  • All - Compassionate Leadership:  Effective Strategies to Guide Your Staff’s Mental Health Struggles
  • All - Status Update on ID Federation

This is a small sample of the nearly 200 sessions held over the last few months.

Find out more about subscriptions here. Purchasing a subscription is your organization’s key to learning more about your Vertafore products from your peers.