NetVU Education Calendar

We offer a wide variety of education sessions and opportunities to connect with your peers. Participate and watch your efficiency improve. Export the list to sort by date, Vertafore product, and location.  Click headers below to sort.

Begin DateTitleCityState Province
8/23/2022BenefitPoint 22R3 Release ReviewVirtual CH2742208
8/23/2022QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You-Part 3Virtual WIEDU2208
8/23/2022Accounting Unique to Insurance Agencies Series, Part 2Virtual WIEDU22084
8/24/2022Small Agency Round TableVirtual CH3262208
8/25/2022Midsize Agency Round TableVirtual CH3272208
9/1/2022ImageRight: Tips & Tricks and Q&AVirtual CH3012209
9/8/2022Accounting Unique to Insurance Agencies Series, Part 3Virtual WIEDU22092
9/14/2022Acrisure NetVU Community - WebinarVirtual WIACR0922
9/15/2022AMS360: Commercial Submissions & Proposal BuilderDallasTXCH2442209
9/15/2022*New Topic* Speed Up Receivables with Online PaymentsVirtual WIEPA2209
9/20/2022Accounting Unique to Insurance Agencies Series, Part 4Virtual WIEDU22093
9/20/2022ImageRight Administrator Immersion In-Person Sept, 2022IrvingTXWIEDU2209
9/21/2022AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU22091
9/21/2022AFCO's PMP-AMS360 Integration: How we're Changing the Game!Virtual WIAFC2207
9/22/2022AgencyZoom NetVU Member OrientationVirtual WIAZ0922
9/22/2022Yes! You can create your own Premium Finance AgreementVirtual WIBDC2209
10/5/2022AMS360: Indy Midwest NetVU Chapter Fall MeetingNoblesvilleINCH2222210
10/6/2022AMS360 Bookkeeping 101: Go from No-Show to Pro, Lesson 1Virtual WIEDU22101
10/13/2022Sagitta Accounting: Visualizing Your Data - Part 2Virtual CH3242210
10/14/2022AMS360 Accounting: Reports & MoreMaitlandFLCH2532210
10/17/2022NcSA-Sagitta Certification Class October 17-20, 2022IrvingTXWIEDU1022
10/18/2022AMS360 Bookkeeping 101: Go from No-Show to Pro, Lesson 2Virtual WIEDU22102
10/19/2022AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2210
10/19/2022Puerto Rico: Impact of Social in the Insurance IndustryVirtual CH3252210
10/23/2022NetVU New England Fall ConferenceMysticCTCH2321022
11/9/2022NetVU Member OrientationVirtual WIEDU1122
11/13/2022Spark, Powered by NetVUCincinnatiOHVDP2211
11/16/2022AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2211
11/16/2022NetVU Volunteer Leader One Voice CallVirtual CHOVC1122
12/15/2022AMS360 and Annual 1099sVirtual WIEDU22121
12/21/2022AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2212
5/7/2023Accelerate, Powered by NetVU 2023AustinTXNC2023
3/31/2024Accelerate, Powered By NetVU 2024New OrleansLANC2024
1/24/2025Brittany's Test EventVirtual CH0002210

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