NetVU Education Calendar

We offer a wide variety of education sessions and opportunities to connect with your peers. Participate and watch your efficiency improve. Export the list to sort by date, Vertafore product, and location.  Click headers below to sort.

Begin DateTitleCityState Province
2/7/2023A Compliance and Distribution Forecast with SILA & VertaforeVirtual WIVER0223
2/14/2023QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2302
2/15/2023AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU23011
2/16/2023QQCatalyst Round Table - Reporting/Getting The Data You NeedVirtual WIQQC2302B
2/16/2023Sagitta Accounting Chapter- Accelerate 2023 What to ExpectVirtual CH32423021
2/22/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass | ACE and APIsVirtual WIEDU23022
2/22/2023NetVU Member OrientationVirtual WIEDU0223
2/23/2023AFCO's PMP-AMS360 Integration: How we're changing the game!Virtual WIAFC23021
2/24/2023AMS360: Service Team Tips & Tricks, Renewal ManagementMaitlandFLCH2532302
3/2/2023QQCatalyst Round Table - Email Templates/Increase EfficiencyVirtual WIQQC2303A
3/14/2023QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2303
3/15/2023AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU23030
3/16/2023QQCatalyst Round Table - AI/Marketing AutomationVirtual WIQQC2303B
3/22/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass| EMS Statement Integration OverviewVirtual WIEDU23031
4/4/2023QQCatalyst Salesroom - Getting Started - Roundtable Part 2Virtual WISLR2304
4/11/2023QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU2304
4/12/2023NetVU Volunteer Leader One Voice CallVirtual CHOVC0423
4/19/2023AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU23040
4/26/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass | QuickSight OverviewVirtual WIEDU23021
4/28/2023Prepare for Success at Accelerate, powered by NetVUVirtual WIACC2304
5/7/2023Sagitta All Users Chapter Inc. (SAUCI) MeetingAustinTXCH2662305
5/7/2023Day of CaringAustinTXIEDOC0523
5/7/2023Accelerate, Powered By NetVU 2023AustinTXNC2023
5/9/2023QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU2305
5/17/2023AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 1Virtual WIEDU23050
5/19/2023Annual Meeting of MembersVirtual WIANMG2305
5/24/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass|AMS360 Integration & Best PracticesVirtual WIEDU23051
5/24/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass|Sagitta Integration & Best PracticeVirtual WIEDU23052
5/24/2023NetVU Member OrientationVirtual WIEDU0523
6/13/2023QQCatalyst: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU23061
6/21/2023BenefitPoint Masterclass| Defects! Bring us your #1 DefectVirtual WIEDU23062
6/21/2023AMS360 & Sagitta: Making Download Work For You Part 2Virtual WIEDU23060
11/5/2023Spark, Powered by NetVUNew OrleansLAVDP2311
3/31/2024Accelerate, Powered By NetVU 2024New OrleansLANC2024
5/5/2025Accelerate, Powered By NetVU 2025CharlotteNCNC2025

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